The Deli Dish

  • Hot Cocoa Cake Kicks It Up a Notch!

    Excerpt from Ari’s Top 5 enews Putting Natural Law #8 to work at the Bakehouse To be clear, the Hot Cocoa Cake is not a new product, but it is now … Continued

  • Hungarian Pastry at the Bakehouse

    With several trips to Hungary and over a decade of hard work in their professional kitchens, our baking pals at Zingerman’s Bakehouse have been recreating many Hungarian delicacies since 2011. … Continued

  • A jar of The Brinery Galaxy Rose Sauerkraut. The jar is wide and cylindrical with a gold lid and a black and white label. The sauerkraut inside is pink.

    Making Sauerkraut Salad for Supper

    Excerpt from Ari’s Top 5 enews A wonderful winter recipe from the most recent pamphlet This great recipe is one of 12 in the back of the pamphlet, “A Taste of … Continued

  • Schallenberg Cheese at the Deli

    Excerpt from Ari’s Top 5 enews Magical mountain cheese from Switzerland I have a high affection for mountain cheeses, and I really love this one from the Swiss Alps. Schallenberg cheese … Continued

  • Beautiful Bayonne Ham at the Deli

    Excerpt from Ari’s Top 5 enews The wonderfully tasty, carefully cured ham of Western France We served thin slices of this special cured ham at the “Best of 2023” food tasting … Continued

  • Calissons d’Aix at The Deli

    Excerpt from Ari’s Top 5 enews “Aix” marks the confectionery spot, nearly six centuries down the road Calissons d’Aix are the centuries-old confection of the town of Aix in Provence, France. … Continued

  • Turkish Pepper Paste from Koy Pantry

    Excerpt from Ari’s Top 5 enews Spectacular new spread on the shelves at the Deli Every once in a while we bring in a new ingredient that I consider a culinary … Continued

  • Raw Milk Mahon At the Deli

    Excerpt from Ari’s Top 5 enews Marvelous traditional cheese from the Spanish island of Menorca One of the tastiest, if least known, cheeses on the Deli’s counter right now! If you’re … Continued

  • Zingerman's Bakehouse Carrot Cake

    24 Carrot Cake From the Bakehouse

    Excerpt from Ari’s Top 5 enews A whole lot of carrots and cream cheese frosting The Bakehouse 24 Carrot Cake is impressively excellent. Being more of a savory treat fan, it … Continued

  • Honduras Coffee from Farmer Pablo Paz

    Excerpt from Ari’s Top 5 enews A U of M student project pays delicious dividends a decade down the road One of my favorite Coffee Company coffees is back for the … Continued