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The Story of Our Deli

Zingerman’s Delicatessen opened in March 1982 in a historic building near the Ann Arbor Farmers Market. The Deli was founded by Paul Saginaw and Ari Weinzweig, two friends who dreamt of creating a traditional Jewish deli that would bring very special foods to Ann Arbor in a way that was unique to them. Needless to say, they succeeded! Over the years, Zingerman’s has expanded to become a family of independently-owned food and service-focused businesses, known as the Zingerman’s Community of Businesses, And, many decades later, the Deli remains a source of great food and great experiences for thousands of guests every year. Nowadays, the Deli is led by a trifecta of equally food-focused managing partners: Grace Singleton, Rick Strutz, and Rodger Bowser. Read more.

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Zingerman’s Community of Businesses

The Zingerman’s Experience is now made and delivered by nearly seven hundred people—partners, managers and staff in eleven different businesses in addition to the Deli. Visit our partner business, review our timeline or contact our Community Giving program about a donation.

Our History with Food Gatherers

Food Gatherers is a food bank and food rescue program serving Washtenaw County with a mission to alleviate hunger and eliminate its causes in our community. Established in 1988 as Michigan’s first food rescue program and the sixth in the United States, Food Gatherers was the first food rescue program to be founded by a for-profit business, Zingerman’s Delicatessen (us!).

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Visit our partner business Zingerman’s Mail Order to ship deli deliciousness around the country! 

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