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We’ve got your groceries, pantry staples and favorite specialty foods!

Order online at or give us a call at 734-926-4005 or and get the same great service as if you had walked in our front door – one of our specialty food experts will be your personal shopper and prepare your order of bread, meat, cheese, olive oil, vinegar, tea and more for local delivery or pickup!

As always, shopping with us is Different!

“One of the top 25 food Markets in the world.”
— Food & Wine

We know where our food comes from

We identify new harvests and celebrate the seasonality and flavor changes that occur from one batch to another. Every new harvest year and also every batch of artisanally made food is slightly different in flavor. We identify the new harvests and celebrate the seasonality and flavor changes that occur from one batch to another.

We know who our food comes from

We travel all over the world searching out great tasting artisanal foods. We take the time to get to know the producers, learn about the foods they make, and bring it to you while it’s at the peak of flavor.

We hand-select the best of the batch

Some cheeses, meats and even olive oils you see in other stores may look the same as what we sell, but they don’t taste the same. What we sell at the Deli is often exclusive to us or hand-selected to provide you with the best flavor we can find. Feel free to do your own taste test at home — we guarantee everything we sell and will gladly refund your hard earned money if you’re not satisfied.

We take great care of our food

We hand-cut and slice to order, rather than pre-wrapping our meats and cheeses. Sure it takes a couple of extra minutes to do this to order, but it reflects our commitment to giving you food with the best flavor possible. You really CAN taste the difference!

We love to help you shop

We’ll help you find the perfect foods to fit your flavor preferences and can even help you with recipe suggestions and ideas.

Bread Schedule

So many Zingerman’s Bakehouse bread choices! What’s your favorite?!

  • If you’d like to plan your pickup or delivery around the time the breads are fresh off the delivery truck, check out our delivery schedule.
  • Not all sourdough bread is sour!  Take a look at spectrum of flavor from sweet to sour.
  • Breads are available to order online.
  • Or call us at 734.926.4005 to place your order.

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