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Any sandwich can be served instead on a bed of leaf lettuce!

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Edward Smoke house pork sandwich meatEdward’s of Surry, Virginia: Bon Appétit referred to Edwards Country Ham as a “uniquely American treasure…” and we couldn’t agree more. Whether you try their hand-sliced country ham, peanut-fed Berkshire hog bacon, smoky breakfast sausages or their classic hickory smoked ham, one thing is for sure, you are bound to fall in love. As seen on #403 and #443.

Ham I Am pork sandwich meatArkansas Peppered Ham & Bacon: Simply some of the best ham and bacon this country has to offer. Brine-cured, coated with plenty of cracked black pepper and then smoked over green hickory. Get your fill on ham with the #00 & #26 and bacon with #61 and #88.

Broadbent sausage for pork sandwichesBroadbent’s Kentucky Sausage: Grandma Broadbent’s Smoked Country Pork Sausage made in the western Kentucky style. You haven’t tasted real country pork sausage until you taste this. Seasoned and hickory smoked, this Southern classic is an 80-year-old family recipe. It stars on #488 (see breakfast page).

Citterio ham for pork sandwichMortadella: The origins of Mortadella are ancient, dating back to the 14th Century and recognized as the most cherished pork specialty of Italy’s renowned culinary capital, the city of Bologna. This authentic recipe perfected over generations by the Citterio family begins with meticulously selected, lean cuts of fresh premium-quality pork slow roasted with select spices, whole peppercorns, and pistachios, yielding incredibly delicate and balanced texture and flavor. And that’s no baloney! Try it on the #26.

Fra'Mani for ham sandwichesRosemary Ham: Founded in 2005 in Berkeley, CA by curemaster Paul Bertolli driven by his passion to create enticing foods that delight and satisfy. Lightly brined, gently smoked then slow-roasted while a ribbon of rosemary perfumes the entire leg of ham ensuring an incredibly moist and supple texture. Sustainably sourced, no added hormones, no antibiotics ever.