Pork Sandwiches

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  • Pork

    • #00 D-$'s Cuban Conundrum

      TOP TEN! Cuban-style pulled pork, Arkansas peppered ham, Swiss Emmental cheese, sliced old dill pickles, mayo & hot mustard on a grilled Paesano roll from Zingerman's Bakehouse. Spicy!

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    • #26 Frank & Kathy's Half-Italian Sub

      All-beef salami, Italian mortadella with pistachios, Arkansas peppered ham, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, spicy fire-roasted New Mexico green chiles, olive oil & red wine vinegar grilled on a Paesano roll.

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    • #66 Zingerman's B.L.T.

      Nueske's applewood-smoked bacon, leaf lettuce, tomato & mayo on Jewish Rye bread from Zingerman's Bakehouse.

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Any sandwich can be served instead on a bed of leaf lettuce!


When placing your order, please inform us if you have a food allergy. We want to make sure our product is tasty and safe for you to consume! Need to know more about any ingredients…just call us 734-663-3354