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Zingerman's Deli Sandwich of the Month - The Bubbaque

Sandwich of the Month:

The Bubbaque

This sandwich is dino-mite! More flavorful than your favorite firetruck––layers of melted cheddar cheese, BBQ chicken and spicy New Mexican green chiles on grilled challah––pack lots of sweet heat into this January treat!

$15.50/ sandwich
Pot Pie Plate Deli menu feature

Plate of the Month:

Pot Pie Plate

Choose from one of 6 varieties of our famous house-made pot pies - Amish Chicken, Fungi Mushroom, Red Brick Beef, Two Tracks Turkey, Darina’s Dingle (lamb) or Cheshire pork - to fill you up on a cold January day. Add a side from our venerable salad case to complete the feast.

$15.99/ plate

French Toast Fridays

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Food Allergies?

When placing your order, please inform us if you have a food allergy. We want to make sure our product is tasty and safe for you to consume! Need to know more about any ingredients... just call us 734-663-3354

A stack of all the things that make our sandwiches special

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Why A Sandwich Costs What It Does

One of the unwritten rules of the restaurant business is: Never do anything to bring attention to prices. Unless, of course, they’re really low. Standard wisdom goes that the less you talk about them, the better.

At Zingerman’s, however, we’ve broken all sorts of other rules, so we figured, let’s dump this one, too. We thought we’d take a few minutes to explain why a sandwich costs what it costs.

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