Sandwich of the Month

a photo of a falafel sandwich on a grilled roll

Try the Phoebe’s Falafel Dream Land, June’s Sandwich of the Month

a hand-painted poster with a cartoon of Kirby eating balls of falafel

Visioning is an important part of our work at Zingerman’s – we believe that when we create a vivid description of what success looks and feels like, we are more likely to get there. Similar to a dream, but we combine it with actionable objectives to move forward towards success. Our Sandwich Line manager Mike had this vision: make a vegan sandwich that you might find in the Middle East and make it uniquely Zingerman’s.

After months of testing in our kitchen, we’re ready to share Mike’s dream with you! June’s Sandwich of the Month is Phoebe’s Falafel Dream Land: housemade falafel and toum garlic sauce on a grilled Paesano roll with lettuce, tomato and tangy pickles. The crunch and herby deliciousness of chickpeas and garlic are a nod to the traditional foodways of the Middle East. We made it uniquely our own by serving those flavors on a Zingerman’s Bakehouse Paesano roll and finishing the sandwich with slices of our famous Jewish old pickles.


Mike named the sandwich after his daughter, Phoebe and her favorite game, Kirby’s Dream Land. We urge you to savor your sandwich experience. Please don’t inhale it like Kirby!

To order the Sandwich of the Month:

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  • > You can order ahead for dine-in, pickup or Ann Arbor delivery!