Sandwich of the Month

The Seasonal Savant, December’s Sandwich of the Month

Kevin B. from our Specialty Foods department created this months’ Sandwich of the month – introducing “The Seasonal Savant,” a sandwich so flavorful it might as well have a Ph.D. in deliciousness. Featuring housemade oven-dried tomatoes, this sandwich is a testament to the art of eating locally even in the winter chill. Smoked turkey and tangy feta cheese are balanced with olive oil and vinegar and served on ungrilled Zingerman’s Bakehouse rustic bread.  So, while holiday feasts might weigh you down like a lead sled, The Seasonal Savant is the savvy choice for those who want a groovy sandwich.

The Seasonal Savant is available every day in December: smoked turkey on rustic bread, topped with oven-dried tomatoes, feta cheese and dressed with olive oil and red wine vinegar.

To order the Sandwich of the Month:

  • visit the Deli
  • call us at 734.663.3354
  • place your order online
  • You can order ahead for dine-in, pickup or Ann Arbor delivery!