Zingerman’s Gift Cards

Zingerman’s Gift Cards never spoil, never go out of style, never expire.

They can be cashed in for anything from corned beef to caviar and pretty much everything in between.

How do I use a Zingerman’s Gift Card at the Delicatessen?

Super easy!! Present at any register and boom, you’re done! If you’re ordering from one of our touch screen kiosks, you’ll choose “pay with cash” and then present your gift card when you pick up your order.  You can also call call any of our departments and we’re happy to take your order by phone and check you out with your gift card.

Our online sites are not currently compatible with Zingerman’s Gift Cards (frustrating, we know!). Please call us instead!

Zingerman’s Gift Cards are valid at all brick and mortar Zingerman’s businesses, although maybe not on all their online sites.

How can I purchase a Zingerman’s Gift Card?

How do I check the balance of a Zingerman’s Gift Card?