The Deli Dish

May 4, 2022

Mother’s Day Chocolate News and Notes 2022

Jennie’s Wow-Worthy Top Gift Picks for Mother’s Day 2022 by Jennie B, Zingerman’s Chocolate Specialist Our shelves are filled with mom-thrilling confections and as always, we are ready to assist you in finding the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.  Give us a call at 734-663-3354, place an order online through our Zingerman’s Deli online store, […]

April 28, 2022

Meet the Deli Detail: Mike Varney

We’re introducing you to our passionate team of experts. Today’s featured deli crew member is Mike Varney, Deli Sandwich Line Manager   Meet Mike Varney Mike has been working in restaurants since he was a freshman in high school in Wyoming, but he didn’t always think he was going to end up in the food […]

April 27, 2022

Meet the Deli Detail: Wendy Bauer

We’re introducing you to our passionate team of experts. Today’s featured deli crew member is Olive Oil Sommelier, Wendy Bauer   Meet Wendy Wendy Bauer is a townie (local lingo for someone originally from Ann Arbor) with an artistic bent—holding degrees in illustration from the Center for Creative Studies and scientific illustration and botany from […]

April 23, 2022

Meet the Deli Detail: Bryan Weiss

We’re introducing you to our passionate team of experts. Today’s featured deli crew member is Bryan Weiss, Event Manager   Meet Bryan Weiss Bryan grew up in the Chicago area, before moving to California where he earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of California, Berkeley in Political Science and Economics. While out west, he […]

April 12, 2022

A Gluten-Free Guide to A Flavor-Full Deli Visit

A delicious adventure awaits, no matter the dietary restriction It’s important to us to help maximize eating enjoyment for every single one of our guests, no matter their dietary restrictions or preferences. It’s just an everyday part of our desire to give great service to every guest—no one should have to forgo access to great […]

April 2, 2022

How to Make a Reuben Sandwich

Exactly like we do at Zingerman’s Deli When Ari Weinzweig and Paul Saginaw started talking about opening a deli, over 40 years ago(!), they had a clear vision for the experience guests would have eating one of their sandwiches. As Val Neff-Rasmussen, marketer at Zingerman’s Mail Order, described it in an ode to our Ruebens: […]

April 2, 2022

Friendseder™: All are Welcome!

The Making of a New Tradition When Rabbi Jeff Stombaugh called us up to see if we’d like to be a part of his Friendseder™ effort, it didn’t take us too long to get to YES! Gather with friends to celebrate old traditions and build new ones? YES! Add food? YES! Everyone is welcome to […]

April 2, 2022

Zingerman’s Deli Matzo Ball Soup Recipe

So good your bubbe might ask for seconds There’s nothing quite like matzo balls bobbing in rich, chicken broth—it wouldn’t be Passover without them. Matzo Ball Soup is a beloved part of our Passover menu (the menu is not kosher, but it does feature ceremonial seder plates, complete seder meals, and plenty of a la […]

April 1, 2022

Introducing The Matzo Project

Matzo worth updating a classic recipe for It’s true, a few years ago, we were so blown away by the taste, quality, and values of The Matzo Project matzo, that we updated our classic, decades-old matzo ball recipe to use their matzo. But we also wanted to make sure to spread the word about the […]

March 19, 2022

The Meaning of Passover and the Seder Plate

  If you’ve found yourself asking: What is the meaning of the observance of Passover? What’s the significance of a seder plate? What food is served at Passover? Why is bread not served at Passover? What are Passover desserts? You’ve come to the right place for answers At Zingerman’s Delicatessen, we believe in the value […]

February 18, 2022

Recipe: Osso Buco

A Butcher’s Monthly Recipe from Connor Valone, Deli Specialty Foods Supervisor Never has a single cooking endeavor elicited so many moans and exclamations of joy from me, much to the chagrin of my upstairs neighbor, I’m sure.  A tremendous depth of flavor was amply provided by Dolcetto wine and rich, marbled beef. I was really […]

February 1, 2022

Valentine’s Day Chocolate News and Notes

Valentine’s Day Chocolate News and Notes by Jennie B, Zingerman’s Chocolate Specialist This Valentine’s Day, visit Zingerman’s Delicatessen for swoon-worthy sweets that are sure to win hearts. Whether it’s a bar of chocolate, a custom box of truffles or a date night at home at our Virtual Happy Hour, our chocolate experts are here to […]

January 19, 2022

Introducing Chocolat Moderne

Choice Chocolates Founder Joan Coukos fell in love with old world, handmade chocolates on a life-changing trip to Brussels. She brought two antique molds home with her to Manhattan and started creating chocolates in her kitchen. Eventually, Coukos began taking formal steps to become a chocolatier, leaving her banking career behind. She founded Chocolat Moderne […]

January 8, 2022

Cherry Cacao Granola: A lovely local collaboration!

A not-too-sweet treat featuring Askinosie cacao nibs, Michigan cherries and locally-grown teff Light. Airy. Not too sweet. That’s how Rodger, head chef and managing partner of Zingerman’s Delicatessen, described Teffola, a Michigan-made granola that features teff, a high-protein Ethiopian ancient grain, grown right here in Michigan.  Zingerman’s first encountered this locally-grown ancient grain when Claire […]

January 3, 2022

Deli Pot Pies: The 6 Flavor Line-up

Try all six delicious flavors of our Deli Pot Pies! Winter brings shorter days and cooler temperatures, and also Pot Pies at Zingerman’s Deli!  the Deli’s pot pies are handmade and are a special way you can warm up your dinner table this winter. Pick them up anytime and tuck them into your freezer for […]

January 3, 2022

Pot Pies For Perfect Winter Meals

A collection of six kinds of handmade pot pies flows through the Deli during the coldest months of the year. Every year, the Deli team dreams up ways to evolve the already beloved savory pies – they get better and better.