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  • Introducing Ziba Foods

    Empowering Afghan Women through Good Food Afghanistan was once a leader in producing dried fruits and nuts, but due to conflict and resulting economic instability, local farmers were unable to … Continued

  • Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year

    Celebrating the High Holiday with Special Dishes A clean slate, a fresh start. There’s no time like the New Year for a healthy dose of optimism. Rosh Hashanah, known as … Continued

  • Introducing Nueske’s

    Five Generations of Makin’ Bacon Founder Robert Nueske’s grandparents (Wilhelm and Wilhelmina Nueske) came to the small town of Wittenberg, Wisconsin from Prussia in 1882. Shortly thereafter, Wilhelm started to … Continued

  • Rhubarb-Ade Recipe

    When the temperatures start to rise, we love a sip of something thirst-quenching. And while we wouldn’t turn down a good glass of lemonade, we’re especially partial to a refreshing … Continued

  • Behind the Scenes: The Making of a Mural

    If you’ve visited us at the Next Door Café recently, you’ve almost certainly seen our mural. Given that it appears in every single customer-facing area of the Café, it’s hard … Continued

  • Introducing Northwoods Soda

    And What Makes It Soda-rn Good The Soda-lightful Origins of Northwoods Prior to starting Northwoods Soda & Syrup Co., founder Bill Fosdick owned a soda syrup delivery route in the … Continued

  • a photo of 4 products from Seka Hills: an olive oil, a jar of honey and 2 packages of beef jerkey

    Introducing Séka Hills

    Specialty Foods from the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation The Origins of Séka Hills The Séka Hills story is one of longevity and perseverance. Séka Hills is owned and managed by … Continued

  • a photo showing packages of fish and pasta products from Patagonia Provisions

    Introducing Patagonia Provisions

    A Clothing Company That’s Making Us Rethink Our Food Chain From Sweatshirts to Salmon We know what you’re thinking, and yes, Patagonia Provisions, is a business venture by the outdoor … Continued