A Well-Versed Guide to a Vegan-Friendly Deli Visit 

Full Fat, Full Flavor… But Also Fully Vegan-Friendly

We’re kinda famous for our impressively large, often meat-leaden sandwiches. (As Paul Saginaw, one of our co-founders proclaimed, “Our goal was to make a sandwich so big you needed two hands to hold it and when you took a bite, Russian dressing would drip down your arms.”) We’re also well known for our destination-worthy deli counter, with its extensive inventory of full-flavored, traditionally-made meats and cheese. And yes, as a Jewish deli, we’re renowned for a lot of full-fat, classic Jewish dishes, like our schmaltz-laden matzo balls and our noodle kugel made with fresh farmer’s cheese.

None of which is vegan, we know.

But that doesn’t mean we’re not vegan-friendly! We know there’s nothing worse than having a dietary restriction and going somewhere with nothing on the menu. (Okay, there are worse things, but as fellow food lovers, we know it’s still definitely a big bummer.) So we’re here to help you navigate our offerings and discover tasty vegan offerings. (Gluten-free folks, we’ve got you, too!)

Stellar Sandwiches, Salads & Sides

Our legendary sandwiches aren’t off the table! Don’t forget to choose your pickle—either old (traditional, garlic-cured) or new (crunchy, cucumbery)—and grab a bag of our own potato chips (French Grey Sea Salt, Detroit Street Barbecue, Tellicherry Black Peppercorn, or Dill-icious Dill Pickle).

  • #246 Soy Vey!: Local Brinery tempeh, our own BBQ sauce, yellow mustard, red onions, and sliced old pickles on grilled Rustic Italian bread from Zingerman’s Bakehouse. 
  • #55 Gemini Rocks The House: Basil pesto (it’s cheese-free!) and tomatoes on grilled Farm bread from Zingerman’s Bakehouse. Ask to hold the mozzarella.
  • #75 Leo’s Friendly Lion: Fresh avocado spread, spicy fire-roasted New Mexico green chiles, and tomato on grilled Farm bread. Ask to hold the muenster.
  • #420 Stewart’s Farmer’s Hash Plate: Not a sandwich, but still a beloved option by many (plus it comes with toast!) Oven-roasted sweet and redskin potatoes, piquillo peppers, sauteed spinach & crispy onions. Ask for this to be vegan and we’ll make it with olive oil (and skip the sour cream and butter on toast). The crispy onions share fryer oil with items that contain dairy, so those can be held off if you’d like.

If you’d rather skip the bread and scarf a salad, you can enjoy any of these substantial sandwich fillings as a salad; just make a note on your online order to “make it a sandalad” or give us a call and place your order over the phone (734-663-3354). Or, order one of our salads with a tiny tweak to make them vegan: a #600 Farmer’s Market Salad (swap out our house dressing for Greek dressing), a #608 Cyprus Salad (hold the halloumi), or a #607 Greek Island Salad (hold the feta). Add locally-made grilled tempeh from the Brinery to any of them for an added flavor boost. And check the grab-and-go case for seasonal salads, too, some are vegan! 

Stand-Out Vegan Pantry Staples

photo courtesy of Teffola

Our grocery section has a number of outstanding options that just so happen to be vegan. We’re highlighting a few of our favorites, but don’t hesitate to ask us about other items you might be curious about. Plus there are lots of naturally vegan items (olive oils, vinegars, mustards, pastas, dried beans, etc.).

  • Fig Salami: a 100% plant-based “salami” made with dried figs. Choose almond and black pepper or orange zest and aleppo pepper.
  • Cherry Cacao Granola: A not-too-sweet treat featuring Askinosie cacao nibs, Michigan cherries, and locally-grown teff from Teffola.
  • Mushroom Jerky: Based on a family recipe from Malaysia, this shiitake mushroom-based jerky has a great texture, with a lightly sweet umami flavor.
  • Tikka Masala Simmer Sauce: A vegan Masala layered with luscious coconut cream, tangy tomatoes, caramelized onions, fresh garlic and ginger, and an aromatic blend of warming Indian spices and sweet paprika from Brooklyn Dehli
  • Oh Gee Kimchi: A locally-made kimchi ​​from The Brinery with a Napa cabbage base with hot pepper, ginger, garlic, and onion balanced against the subtle sweetness of apples and carrots.

Spectacular Vegan Sweets

We wouldn’t forget about dessert! We have a sweet selection of vegan treats that are sure to satisfy. Enjoy one with a cappuccino or latte in the Next Door made with oat or almond milk!


photo courtesy of Askinosie
  • Swedish Fish: These fruity or licorice-flavored fish are made with all-natural ingredients. Kolsvart donates a portion of proceeds towards preserving local waters.
  • Many Chocolate Bars: Choose from Askinosie’s Coconut Milk Chocolate Bar, a true “milk” chocolate made without dairy; Madhu’s Vegan Stroopwafel Chocolate Bar with, you guessed it, caramely, delicious Stroopwafel pieces; Raaka’s Oat Milk Chocolate, which is reminiscent of an oatmeal cookie; and more.

Baked Goods from Zingerman’s Bakehouse

  • Chocolate Millet Muffin: Not too sweet, a good bit of dark chocolate depth, a lovely slight bit of crunch from the millet (a bit like toasted rice), all baked into a muffin you can nibble on happily with morning coffee. Read more about it here!
  • Almondinger Cookies: A flavorful blend of coconut and almonds, with some freshly milled whole-grain wheat, these cookies are deliciously chewy and naturally vegan. (Psst: Most Bakehouse breads are vegan, too!)

Creative Catering

Our team is ready to bring plant-powered perfection to your event! They can create stellar salads and fabulous fruit baskets, plus a few dishes you might not expect:

  • Crudite Tray and Crowd-Pleasing Festive Skewers: Whether you prefer your veggies cold or hot, enjoy seasonal fresh vegetables with hummus.
  • Side Dishes: Sides so good they can be the main event, like herb-roasted potatoes, roasted root vegetables, haricot vert, roasted asparagus, and more.
  • Vegetable Tagine: A traditional North African dish made with fresh chickpeas, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, and carrots seasoned with tagine spices. 

We hope these ideas help you explore tasty vegan fare with us at Zingerman’s Deli! If you have any questions about vegan options, or any other dietary restrictions, please let us know and we’ll be happy to be your guides for a flavor-full plant-based dining experience.