Flourless Chocolate Orange Passover Torte

Excerpt from Ari’s Top 5 enews

The classic Zingerman’s dessert for the holiday or any day

This terrific dark chocolate torte has been part of our Passover offerings in the ZCoB for so long that none of us can recall where the recipe came from! Regardless of origins, it remains really, really good. Realistically, like the Bakehouse’s lovely Lemon Sponge Cake that I wrote last week, you definitely don’t have to celebrate Passover to take pleasure in consuming this now classic Bakehouse offering. 

When I grew up, Passover pretty much meant subpar, wheatless sweets, like canned macaroons from Manischewitz. They were never a treat, but rather something to tolerate for the eight days of the holiday. This torte is a totally different quality level of dessert. It would be well placed on any chocolate-and-almond-loving table, for any holiday and/or any day of the year in which a great chocolate torte would be well received. Dark, dense, and delicious, it’s made with matzo meal, a bunch of unsweetened dark chocolate, sugar, butter, eggs, a hint of orange oil, and almonds. This particular pastry has a gentle sweetness—the sugar is an accent in this, not the main story. 

Be sure to serve the Chocolate Orange Torte at room temperature to get the full flavor. It’s great as it is, or you can gild the Passover lily by adding a spoonful of orange marmalade or candied orange peel on the side, or even a schmear of really good Georgia Grinders almond butter on the plate as well.