Coffee & Pastry: A Match Made in the Deli!

All our coffee blends at the Deli, perfectly paired with a pastry

If you’re as big a fan of coffee as we are, you probably have a tried and true go-to blend. But do you have the perfect treat to go along with it? Whether you’re starting your day, trying to perk yourself up in the afternoon, or capping off your evening, a cup of coffee is only made better if you’ve got a pastry to go along with it. That’s why we’ve come up with the best pastry pairings for all of our favorite roasts from Zingerman’s Coffee Company!

Complement the nutty and cocoa flavors in Papua New Guinea with a Magic Brownie! (If you’re allergic to nuts, try a nut-free Black Magic Brownie.)

The full-bodied blend of Detroit St. Decaf is a perfect pairing for a Palmier. We strongly recommend breaking off a piece and dunking!

Enjoy the bright fruity flavors in Uganda Rwenzori with one of the Bakehouse’s fruit pastries! The bright citrus in the Cranberry Orange Muffin is perfectly suited to it. Or, if it’s summer time, try it with a piece of Peach Pie.

Brazil Peaberry’s smooth and nutty blend works perfectly with a pair of Walnut Rugelach. 

Combine the velvety mouthfeel of Espresso Blend #1 with the spicy kick of a Ginger Scone.

Transport yourself to a smoky French cafe with a cup of French Roast and a Chocolate Croissant.

Bring out the blueberry flavors in the Ethiopia Guji blend with a Blueberry Muffin, or a Blueberry Cupcake if they’re in season!

Mokha Java is dark and earthy; with such strong flavors, it needs a powerful punch of flavor to match! We recommend a slice of the Bakehouse’s Hot Cocoa Coffeecake, or a Chocolate Millet Muffin. 

Try a savory pastry to balance the sweetness in Roadhouse Joe! We recommend the Butter Croissant or Cheddar Herb Scone. 

The chocolate and caramel flavors in our Next Door Blend make it a match made in heaven for the Buenos Aires Brownie — a classic Black Magic Brownie layered with dulce de leche.