Next Door Café’s Signature Coffee Blend

Next Door Signature Blend Coffee with Brewed Glass Mug on Table

Zingerman’s Next Door Café’s Signature Coffee Blend was developed by Zingerman’s Coffee Company and debuted in April 2019.  It was created for coffee lovers and aficionados everywhere, designed to drink all day, every day.

Passionate coffee drinkers can agree on one thing: they’re choosy when it comes to going for their cup of joe––even amongst Zingerman’s there are numerous picky palates. The goal for this signature coffee blend was one that everyone could get excited about. Representing the best characteristics of some of Zingerman’s Coffee Company’s favorite small-lot coffee producers, the blend comprises Sumatra Mandheling providing the backbone of the cup with a heavy, velvety body. Cooperative-grown beans from Papua New Guinea impart a natural sweetness and depth. And, a micro-lot coffee from longtime Zingerman’s partners at Hacienda Miramonte in Costa Rica adds a bit of aromatic complexity. Ari Weinzweig, Zingerman’s Co-founder, says he “liked the intensity of flavor that remains well after you have taken your last sip.”

Reina Telin, Zingerman’s Next Door Café Manager, says, “it brews up perfectly for both those who take it black as night and those who like a little cream or sugar,” going on to describe it as, “silky smooth and deeply complex with flavors of dark chocolate and caramel.”

“It’s the kind of cup that, since developing it, we are reaching for every day—in the morning with breakfast, in the afternoon with a sweet treat, or straight up, in the company of a friend or good book,” says Matthew Bodary, Zingerman’s Coffee Company Wholesale Account Specialist.

Available to sip in-store at Zingerman’s Next Door Café with your morning pastry or favorite slice of cake.  Also available as whole beans in 1 pound bags on our grocery shelves to brew at home.