2022 Holiday Blend from Zingerman’s Coffee Company

Excerpt from Ari’s Top 5 enews

An annual favorite returns for the season

I think we’re approaching twenty years now of crafting an annual Holiday Blend at the Coffee Company. This year’s annual creative flavor-focused roasting and blending by the crew might be my favorite of the bunch. The 2022 brew begins with beans from smallholders in Guatemala and our longtime partner Daterra Estate (from whom we get all our amazing Espresso Blend #1) in Brazil. For a bit of complexity and another layer of richness, we added in some beans from the island of Timor in the Asia-Pacific. We made the 2022 Holiday Blend to be a ready-for-anything blend for holiday celebrations—whether with breakfast, dessert, or on its own, as you stay cozy wrapped in a blanket. Silky smooth with a rich, nutty flavor.

If you come by the Coffee Company, we have it in what we have come to call “the third hopper,” which means you can order it as an espresso. I’ve been drinking it that way regularly for the last few weeks. Super smooth and really tasty. Brendan at the Coffee Company recommends it in a Press Pot and he is spot on—it is really wonderful. Smooth, gentle, and juicy. Stacy advocates the Aeropress and it was awesome too; a bit bigger and brighter, maybe slightly less sweet, and really delicious with a hint of nutmeg or clove in the background.

If you’re looking for a way to brighten the day of a coffee-drinking best friend, or to send a small taste of Zingerman’s to someone who lives far away, a bag of the 2022 Holiday Blend would be a beautiful way to go. Sip, celebrate the season, and make a well-caffeinated toast to 2023!