Roadhouse Joe from the Coffee Company

Excerpt from Ari’s Top 5 enews

A really good cup of coffee

Twenty years ago, we were already working to get going on what was soon to be opened as Zingerman’s Roadhouse. Our intention, as per the vintage neon sign (done by Mark Chalou, “Mr. Neon,” with old neon tubes he found in a warehouse in Detroit), was to serve “Really good American food.” To go with it, we knew we would also need a really good American cup of coffee, a cup that consistently would please nearly every (no one gets ’em all) palate. The result was—and still is, two decades down the road—Roadhouse Joe.
Over the years Roadhouse Joe has become one of the Coffee Company’s most popular blends. A mix of Papua New Guinea, Costa Rica, Monsoon Malabar from India, and Brazilian Peaberry from the Daterra Estate. Steve Mangigian, long-time managing partner at the Coffee Company says,

I believe today’s RH Joe is one of the best blends on the market. It’s smooth, rich, full-bodied, clean, and craft roasted to highlight the nuances of each of the coffees in the blend. India for a little pepper and spice, Brazil for its nuttiness, Costa Rica for the body and richness, and Papua New Guinea for adding a solid base of cocoa; all designed to complement each other when it strikes the palate!

In addition to the Roadhouse, you can also get the Joe brewed at the Coffee Company. I had some on a pour-over the other day and it was wonderful. The next morning, I tried a siphon pot which was clear, lively, and lovely all at once. The Coffee Company crew says it’s “amazing in a Chemex, which highlights the sweetness and complexity. The Aeropress gives it a wonderful thicker body with a nice dried fruit finish. In the press pot, we noted flavors of rye, wood, and spice.” It’s also available for purchase in the Deli!

In all its forms, the Roadhouse Joe seems to stay smooth, and modestly big in flavor without being so bold that it will dominate whatever else you’re eating with it. For those who have grown weary of extremes in the news, the Roadhouse Joe just might be a good culinary antidote. It makes almost everyone happy, while still staying true to itself in the best possible way.