Introducing Mancini Pastificio Agricolo

A Pasta Maker with Thoughtful Agricultural Practices

photo courtesy of Pasta Mancini

Mancini Pastificio Agricolo makes their pasta in a wood, glass, and concrete factory located in the middle of one of their wheat fields. It was designed to be integrated into the landscape of the farm–to be a symbol of how the most advanced technology and tradition can combine in order to obtain the best possible pasta. These are the reasons that this pasta company is one of Ari’s favorites!

Pasta that Protects the Planet

They carefully research seed selection and management techniques and follow a set of rules for eco-friendly and sustainable management agricultural practices to bring about the highest quality products with the least possible environmental impact.

Mancini rotates their wheat crops with alfalfa, clover, field bean, pea, chickpea, and sunflower to improve the fertility of their land. They harvest their wheat in the summer only when it has reached full maturity and there is the right degree of humidity for better conservation.

photo courtesy of Pastificio Agricolo

The Shape of Good Things to Come

They use circular bronze dies for each pasta shape. Bronze increases both the porosity and the roughness of the pasta–which is much better for retaining the sauce. Each pasta shape has a specific drying recipe based on the type of wheat used and the temperature, humidity, and ventilation. Drying times can range from 24 to 44 hours to ensure the wholesomeness and taste of the finished product.

Turanici Sedani: This organic tube-shaped pasta is made with organic Turanicum wheat originating from the Khorasan region of Iran, but grown locally in the Marche region. Also known as Kamut, this wheat provides a nutty flavor to the pasta.

Turanici Spaghetti: Made from organic Turanicum wheat, this pasta has a nutty flavor and pairs well with classic tomato-based sauces. 

Fusilli: A spiral-shaped pasta shaped to grab and hold onto your grandma’s secret sauce recipe. Bring this home and she might just share it with you!

Penne: A classic tube pasta designed to be filled with your favorite sauce. Made from durum wheat grown by Mancini.

Mezze Maniche: A short tube pasta, made with durum wheat, its name translates to “short sleeves” in English. It’s perfect for any oil or cream-based sauce.

Dinner Tonight

Pick up our Thyme Flower Pasta Kit for a simple, but special, meal that comes together in minutes. The kit includes a bag of Mancini penne, a bag of Daphne & Chloe thyme flowers, and a bottle of L’Aglandau olive oil—just add some veggies and your favorite protein.

Or grab a package of Mezze Maniche and try making Ari’s recipe for ​​Älplermagronen, or Swiss Potato Mac and Cheese, a hearty cheesy dish loaded with a hefty pile of caramelized onions.


Special thanks to Viola Imports Inc., a family-owned import and distribution business of authentic Italian specialty products, for helping us bring this delicious Italian pasta to our shelves and for their generous support of this message.  And to Mancini Pastificio Agricolo for allowing us to share their beautiful photos.