Introducing Pastificio Caponi

An Italian Pasta Maker We Love

photo courtesy of Pastificio Caponi

Located in Pontedera Tuscany, Pastificio Caponi has been making handmade dried egg pasta since 1953. Committed to this tradition of manual processing, but also looking to evolve and meet the needs of their customers, we were thrilled when Pastificio Caponi started making a high-quality, gluten-free pasta with corn and rice flour a few years ago. 

Manual Processing 101

After the dough is made, it is put through the rolling machine (by hand) up to a dozen times to achieve the desired thickness–still measured today using the same tool as when the company started in 1953.

The dough is also manually put through the cutters, to make the tagliolini and other varieties. The strands are then placed on special looms or in wooden boxes for drying. The pasta dries for a long time at room temperature, resulting in a much more flavorful product.

Caponi Configurations

Truffle Tagliolini: A quick cooking egg pasta made from Italian durum wheat semolina and the best seasonal black truffles. Finish it with butter and a little truffle salt.

Gluten-Free Maccheroni: Made of rice and corn, this classic big-tube maccheroni is phenomenal for cheese sauces, red sauces, and baked pasta dishes. 

Gluten-Free Fusilli: Made of rice and corn, the curves and grooves of this fusilli are perfect for sauces like oil-based sauces like pesto.

Gluten-Free Tagliatelle: This pasta is made of rice and corn and is perfect for cream sauces and classic Roman dishes like pasta carbonara or amatriciana.

photo courtesy Pasta Caponi

Dinner Tonight

Answer the “What’s for dinner?” conundrum with with Ari’s recipe for Pasta with Sardines and Olive Paste, a delicious dish is only 15 minutes away.


Special thanks to Viola Imports Inc., a family-owned import and distribution business of authentic Italian specialty products, for helping us bring this delicious Italian pasta to our shelves and for their generous support of this message. And to Pastificio Caponi for allowing us to share their beautiful photos.