Introducing Filotea

One of our favorite pasta makers

Filotea is located in the Marche region of eastern Italy, between the Apennine Mountains and the Adriatic Sea. They are a small company, dedicated to the preservation of the Marche history and craftsmanship of pasta making. In addition to making pasta to sell around the world, they also operate the Filotea Pasta Experience Store in Ancona, Italy. It’s a space to host events, cooking classes, workshops, and more that’s supported in part by the local region to aid in the education and preservation of the Marche history and culture.

Culture and Creativity

Filotea is dedicated to traditional recipes and methods for their pasta–using the best quality durum wheat semolina flour and farm-fresh eggs. They use bronze dies to cut the pasta, hand processing, and long drying times for great texture and taste.

We love Filotea not just for their dedication to a quality food product, but also for their creative packaging. They are constantly evolving, anticipating fashions, and striving for their packages to get noticed. They believe in art and design and also that Italian creativity manages to do great things.

From Sheets to Strands

 Photo courtesy of Filotea

Tagliatelle: From the Matassine line of Filotea pastas, tagliatelle is traditionally served with either a hearty bolognese or cream-based sauce.

Lasagne Sheets: These traditional lasagne sheets don’t need pre-cooking before putting to use in your favorite lasagna recipe.

Spaghetti Alla Chitarra: Called “guitar” spaghetti in Italian, this pasta is tender, quick cooking egg spaghetti cut with a square die for a more intense texture and more area for sauce.

Spaghetti with Squid Ink: Long guitar string-like noodles with a natural deep black color from genuine squid ink! This pasta is great with seafood.

Dinner Tonight

Our Truffle Pasta Kit is a quick and easy way to make a delicious meal. It includes Filotea Chitarra Spaghetti (cookies in just 5 minutes!), a jar of white truffle salt, and a bottle of Omed Picual olive oil. Just add cherry tomatoes or blanched asparagus and dinner is served. (If you haven’t used truffle salt before, we’ve got 10 ideas for how else you can put that jar to good use!)

Or, try our Pasta Carbonara Recipe. You’ll need a package of Spaghetti Alla Chitarra and a handful of other ingredients (some of which you probably already have on hand)—dinner is only minutes away!


Special thanks to Italian Products & Beyond, a New Jersey-based import and distribution business of European specialty products, for helping us bring this delicious Italian pasta to our shelves and for their generous support of this message. And to Filotea for allowing us to share their beautiful photos.