10 Tasty Ways To Use Truffle Salt

Tip #1 – In Oil

Mix with your favorite olive oil for dipping with bread

Tip #2 – Eggs!

Add to your scrambled eggs to start your morning with a smile

Tip #3 – Popcorn

Get your popcorn red carpet ready for your next movie night

Tip #4 – Fries

Impress your friends with truffle french fries

Tip #5 – Risotto

Finish a rich, creamy risotto

Tip #6 – Pesto

Mix into pesto for an earthy pasta treat

Tip #7 – Veggies

Sprinkle on roasted vegetables (or grilled!)

Black and White truffle salt jars being held in someone's hand with Deli tile in the background

Tip #8 – Potatoes

Make meatloaf night extra special with truffle salt mashed potatoes on the side

Tip #9 – Steak

Top off a nice, juicy steak

Tip #10 – Dip it!

Did we mention that dipping with olive oil is really amazing?