Introducing Dalla Costa

Pastas that are Full of Flavor, but Free of Gluten 

Dalla Costa is an Italian pasta maker and like the others on our shelves, committed to the traditional methods of pasta making with high-quality wheat, bronze dies, and slow drying times.  They are attentive to new trends and take pride in their ability to meet the demands of the consumer with products like gluten-free, ancient grain, organic, and legume pastas. We are quite smitten with their line of 100% vegetable and gluten-free pastas–ideal for those looking for vegetable proteins and more fiber in your diet.

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Well-being and whimsy

Photo courtesy of Dalla Costa

Dalla Costa is dedicated to helping you eat healthier without sacrificing quality and taste. They actively market their product to those who live a healthy and fit lifestyle. They are also dedicated to the “values of sport” and provide sponsorships to Italian athletes and races.

We love Dalla Costa’s fun and artful aesthetic. Their packaging is traditional, but also clever.  Take a scroll through their Instagram and you will see that, just like us here at Zingerman’s, they share a love of design and whimsy.

Plant-Powered Pastas

Photo courtesy of Dalla Costa

Red Lentil Strozzapreti: This is by far our most post popular gluten-free pasta–so we make the discount extra good and are also selling them by the case! Made with organic, red lentil flour. This shape is chewy and great at picking up any kind of sauce.

Chickpea Fusilli: Made with organic chickpea flour. The fusilli shape is great for sauces like Trentasette’s truffle pesto.

Green Pea Penne: Beautiful color, bold flavor, and a healthy dose of protein! Toss it with some freshly grilled veggies and your favorite olive oil.


Dinner Tonight

Dinner can be ready in a snap when you have one of our gluten-free pasta kits on hand. Choose our Arrabbiata Pasta Kit, with Dalla Costa Green Pea Penne, a bottle of Petraia olive oil, and a jar of Piment d’Esplette. Or our Napoletana Pasta Kit, which includes Dalla Costa Red Lentil Strozzapreti, a jar of semi-dried tomatoes in olive oil, and a bottle of Roi olive oil. (Or stock up and get both kits—they are on sale after all!)


Special thanks to Italian Products & Beyond, a New Jersey-based import and distribution business of European specialty products, for helping us bring this delicious Italian pasta to our shelves and for their generous support of this message.  And to Dalla Costa for allowing us to share their beautiful photos.