Creating the Perfect Sundae with Zingerman’s Gelato

It’s heating up here in Ann Arbor as we race into July, which means it’s time for gelato (okay, it’s always time for gelato). Better yet, it’s time for sundaes! And why not make them the best they could possibly be with Zingerman’s gelato?

What Makes Zingerman’s Gelato So Special?

First: What is gelato?

Gelato is Italian ice cream, containing the same ingredients as American ice cream, simply in different proportions. Gelato contains a lower percentage of butterfat and less sugar than traditional ice cream— so how does it get so creamy? While traditional ice cream is 50% air by volume, gelato ranges between 20%-35%, creating the classic smooth and decadent texture we all love. 

Zingerman’s Creamery uses the same milk from Calder Dairy cows to make their cheeses and their gelato. It is pasteurized in small batches, then organic Demerara brown sugar and any fresh local produce the given flavor might call for (like strawberries in our strawberry gelato!) are added. They use traditional Sicilian techniques and authentic equipment from Bologna, Italy, to churn the gelato. All gelato is made-to-order right here in Ann Arbor, and is far fresher than any mass-produced, pre-packaged product. 

Recently, they updated their recipe to include eggs for the gelato base! This helps stabilize the gelato naturally, rather than using artificial / man-made stabilizers. 

5 Steps to an Ama-ZING Sundae!

 How do we love gelato? Let us count the ways!! Individual cups in our favorite flavors, gelato for breakfast, and maybe best of all–an ama-ZING sundae!! Here’s our list of ways to create a zing-tastic sundae at home! 

  1. Start, of course, with your favorite flavor of our gelato!
  2. A perfect sundae needs the perfect sauce. We recommend Coop’s Microcreamery Hot Fudge. Or, throw Noccioliva Cocoa & Hazelnut Spread in the microwave for a minute and drizzle it on top of your gelato!
  3. To contrast our creamy gelato, pair it with something crunchy! Break up our Original Zzang bar or Bellstone Toffee for a delicious crunch with each bite. For a healthier topping (but still very delicious), try a sprinkle of our Cherry Cacao Granola.
  4. Sprinkles are fun, but they don’t lend a lot of flavor to a sundae. Instead, try adding shavings of Taza stone-ground chocolate— a warm twist with their Cinnamon bar, or a spicy kick with their Guajillo Chili (now on sale through the end of July!) Askinosie’s Roasted Cocoa Nibs make for a great sprinkle substitute and add a nice crunch, too!
  5. Try out one of our curated gelato bundles–order online (price includes a discount!) and enjoy our favorite combinations.