Coming Soon! Cherry Cacao Granola

An exciting new partnership with Teffola to bring you a not-too-sweet granola featuring cacao, Michigan cherries and locally-grown teff

We are very excited to be working with Claire Smith at Teffola, maker of handmade granola with teff, an ancient grain harvested on her 7th generation family farm in Addison, Michigan. Deli Chef and Managing Partner Rodger Bowser, mastermind behind our G’s Granola, worked with Claire to come up with this not-too-sweet granola featuring cacao, Michigan dried cherries and locally grown teff from Claire’s farm!  We can’t wait to tell you the story behind this granola collab and for you to TASTE IT!  We’re almost ready to bring it to our shelves–add your email below so you can be the first to find out when it’s arrived!

Our granola project checklist:

There are many steps involved in bringing a new product to our shelves.  Here’s a sneak peek at a few of those steps.

1- Develop collaboration – DONE

Photo courtesy of @eatteffola

2 – Recipe research and development – DONE

photo courtesy of @eatteffola

3- Design packaging – DONE

4 – Bring the product to our shelves – WORKIN!

We cannot wait for you to try this new granola!  If you’d like to know when the product is on our shelves and ready to purchase, click here!