G’s Granola, an exclusive from the Deli kitchen

The G’s behind G’s Granola–A Deli exclusive with phenomenal flavor

G’s granola is the only granola that Rodger will eat. A pretty shining endorsement from our head chef and co-managing partner, who’s been surrounded by top-notch ingredients in the Deli kitchen for two decades. And Rodger swears he’s not just saying that because (ahem) his wife created the recipe. 

G is for Giedra

Years ago Rodger’s wife Giedra (everyone calls her G) made granola at home and he recalls that despite granola just not being his thing, he could not stop eating it. He was an instant convert and decided to give the recipe a try at the Deli. Today, it remains a family favorite, but G no longer makes granola at home. She or Rodger just pick some up from the Deli! 


G is for Good Ingredients

There are a few simple, not-so-secret ingredients to our granola greatness. Integrity of ingredients is central to all our Deli recipes and this is no exception. We start with Michigan grown rolled oats.

Next we load up on the nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashews, pecans, and pumpkin seeds) for a tapestry of flavor, delightful crunch and boosted protein. Then we make sure it’s not too sweet. The natural sweeteners (honey, Michigan maple syrup, Muscovado brown sugar) all add deep well rounded flavors with subtle sweetness. Finally we round things out with a touch of coconut oil, cinnamon, vanilla and salt. That’s it. No preservatives, no artificial flavors and no funny business.


G is for Greg

Only one person makes our G’s granola, so it comes out the same every time. The recipe is entrusted to another Deli kitchen veteran, Greg Ausserer. The biggest flavor game changer of all comes when Greg bakes G’s granola darker than most might think. In order to coax out maximum flavor and properly toast all those nuts, seeds and oats, it’s gotta be baked to a roasty toasty mahogany color. That’s where the magic happens. And we think why this granola has so many fans.

No wonder we make a ton of granola in the Deli kitchen every year. And that’s not a figure of speech, last year actually came in at just over 2,000 one pound bags. Deli breakfast regulars like to enjoy it with yogurt. At Rodger and G’s house, you’ll find it served with milk. We invite you to give it a taste! G is for good!


You can find this granola in our grocery area or order online for pickup or local delivery.