Zingerman’s Bakehouse Bake & Serve Cookie Dough


The Waiting Is the Hardest Part!

Inspired by the Bakehouse’s brand new bake & serve cookie dough,

we asked one of our favorite local 4 year olds to put it to the test

(with adult supervision, of course).

Here’s how it all panned out:



Space the cookie dough perfectly on a cookie sheet then

get distracted while the adult does something else with it



Wait patiently with a toy,

have a pre-cookie snack,

ask if they’re done yet,

say hello to the neighbors,

try to contain your desperation while you collapse onto the floor,

ask again if they’re done,

start climbing the walls.


Admire their beauty while they cool.



Final result?


The waiting really is the hardest part.


Make the famous Zingerman’s Bakehouse cookies in your own home! Choose from:

  • Big O (oatmeal raisin) cookie dough–a Bakehouse staple and long-time favorite of Bakehouse founder, Frank Carollo! Many of the ingredients are locally sourced. The stars of the Big O’ show include old-fashioned rolled oats; large, plump, juicy Red Flame raisins; and a whole gallon of real Michigan maple syrup added to every batch! All of this is held together with fresh, house-milled, organic, Michigan soft white wheat.
  • Funky Chunky (chocolate chip walnut)–made with freshly milled whole Michigan grains. Zingerman’s Bakehouse uses a mix of organic soft white wheat berries from Ferris Organic Farms in Eaton Rapids, Michigan and some hard red spring wheat berries from the Leelanau peninsula, mills the flour themselves and then studs the dough with chocolate and walnuts. You’ll notice a greater depth of flavor – slightly nutty, earthy, a little caramelly and an appealing chewiness. It’s delicious, not heavy or bitter as many of us used to think whole grain baking has to be. It tastes better and it’s more nutritious.

Purchase some bake & serve cookie dough online to bake and enjoy today – available for Deli pickup or local delivery. Also available to grab and go from our Specialty Foods area or in the Next Door Café.