The Deli Dish

Category: Dips/Spreads

  • Moroccan Carrot Spread

    A recipe from the Deli Kitchen by Rodger Bowser, Chef and Managing Partner This Moroccan Carrot Spread spread is shy, unassuming hummus’ extroverted alter ego. The Sasha Fierce of spreads … Continued

  • Zingerman's Illustration of three blue sardines

    Things You Never Knew About Sardines

    Everybody knows something about these delicious little fish, but we’re confident that we’ve got plenty of new info on sardines in here for you.

  • swiss fondue

    Traditional Swiss Fondue Recipe

    We love fondue–and of course we love it best with good quality, swiss cheese. We like ours with a combination of emmenthaler and gruyere, and one really special alpine cheese … Continued

  • Maple Syrup Salsa Recipe

    A maple syrup jack-of-all-trades salsa that can also be for dippin’ chips, served as a condiment or used as a baste for grilled meats.

  • Cumin Quesadilla With Guacamole

    A quick and easy roasted pepper and cumin quesadilla recipe from our friends at Épices de Cru. A great showcase of the power of a single spice!

  • Warm Goat Cheese Mezze Recipe

    A mezze is an assortment or spread of small dishes. Mr. Dionysios’ Wild Herb Blend (A fragrant blend of wild herbs that grow in the mountains of Chios, Greece similar … Continued

  • Cheddar and Beer Fondue

    Ingredients: 1 lb 1YR Grafton Cheddar, grated ½ lb Adelegger, grated 2 cups Lager beer, room temp. 1 tbsp cornstarch 2 tsp dry mustard 2 oz lemon juice tellicherry black … Continued

  • Figs, Honey & Peppercorns Raclette

    Ingredients: ½ lb Raclette cheese ½ lb Tarentais cheese 18 fresh figs, halved 1 cup dry white wine 1 tsbp cornstarch 4 tsbp honey 2 oz Fig Vinegar tellicherry peppercorns … Continued