Peanut Butter Crush Bars

Excerpt from Ari’s Top 5 enews

Shaved peanut brittle and dark chocolate make for a world class candy bar

An excerpt from my forthcoming list of “Zingerman’s Classics in the Making”: The Peanut Butter Crush bars. If you’ve never experienced one, I invite you to stop by and give one a try. The bar starts with shards of the Candy Manufactory’s marvelous peanut brittle, a touch of milk chocolate, and a sprinkling of crisped crushed rice, blended into a coarse-textured paste that reminds me a bit of eating good halvah, or maybe a peanut-based marzipan. It’s a truly terrific piece of modern confectionery art.

Essentially, the Peanut Butter Crush bar is made by deconstructing chocolate covered peanut brittle and turning it into a melt-in-the-mouth candy bar that lights up your tongue with just the teeniest touch of sea salt, offset against the dark Colombian chocolate with which it’s coated. Over the years, I’ve watched loads of people take their first bite and emit something between a deep sigh to a solid “Wow!” They are really that good.

If you’re going somewhere that a gift of chocolate might brighten someone’s day, consider these. I brought home a box of four with a ribbon on it the other day. While gifts for birthdays or anniversaries, of course, count, I guarantee an unexpected box of chocolates given to someone you care about accompanied by a card of appreciation on a random Tuesday will evoke a response far greater. Unexpected generosity is pretty much guaranteed to hit the spot. Or maybe, in this case, I should say, crush it!

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