Simple Appetizers to Serve at Your House

Excerpt from Ari’s Top 5 enews

Easy, simple appetizers to entertain (even if it’s just yourself)

Given that most of us won’t be going to big family gatherings this year, we might need to find our own way in the kitchen. Here’s a half dozen easy appetizers you can use to make magic in under ten minutes!

Dates stuffed with almond butter

photo credit: @rancho_meladuco_date_farm

Those amazing dates from Rancho Meladuco are so marvelously good that I keep coming back to them in all different ways. Simply split a couple dates in half, pull out the pit, put in some of that awesome almond butter we get from Georgia Grinders. Works well with Koeze Peanut Butter too, as well as the wonderful Hazelnut Butter and Pecan Butter from Georgia Grinders!

Greek Grilled Cheese

Get some of that wonderful local spinach that’s still out at the Farmer’s Market. Sauté it in olive oil with a small pinch of sea salt. Crumble some feta (either the Lesbos sheep milk feta at the Cream Top Shop or the Mt. Vikos sheep and goat feta from Macedonia at the Deli) and mix it with a bit of the Creamery’s goat cream cheese. Spread the cheese on one slice of Bakehouse bread (I like True North for this). On the other slice, spread on some of that terrific roasted pepper and tomato spread we get from Greece. Brush the outside of the bread slices with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper and pan fry. Put a bowl on top of the sandwich while it’s in the pan to weigh it down a bit. When it’s golden brown, flip it over and repeat. Cut into quarters. Serve with a good glass of wine. (You can also obviously make this for a main meal too!)

Olive Oil and Varietal Honey

Get a nice looking plate. (You can decide what feels right for the day on which you’re doing this—both fancy China or a Flintsones cartoon plate can work well.) Put a healthy (or hefty) dollop of great single flower honey in the middle. Pour some great olive oil around it so that the oil covers the rest of the plate in a thin layer. Heat up a loaf of Paesano bread (or lightly toast slices). When they’re done use them to scoop up some of the oil and honey. Have at it. Awesomely delicious.