Curated Chocolate at Zingerman’s Next Door Café

Need a sweet treat? Zingerman’s Next Door Café’s chocolate corner covers the full spectrum of all things cacao, covering everything from traditional to avant-garde.

Zingerman's Next Door Café Chocolate Corner Shelves

Next time you’re in Kerrytown, we hope you stop in to peruse (and taste!) our expertly-curated chocolate selection. Zingerman’s chocolate experts are always on hand to teach you about each bar’s flavor profile as well as its sourcing and processing details. We promise you’ll find the perfect morsel, whether you’re stocking up for your chocolate #selfcare regimen, seeking an extra credit item for your next charcuterie board or are looking for a gorgeous pre-wrapped gift.

Read on to meet our resident chocolate experts, Reina Telin, manager of Next Door Café and Jennie B., chocolate specialist of Zingerman’s Deli, for a preview of what your sweet teeth can find at the Chocolate Corner at Next Door Café.


Today’s chocolate makers go above and beyond when it comes to designing packaging, which makes it easier for chocolate connoisseurs to sift through the wide range of options available.

“Beautifully wrapped chocolate bars already look like a gift-wrapped item. You can gift a bar as is, or put it in a Zingerman’s bag and you’re good to go,” said Jennie.

Beautiful design is not limited to a chocolate’s packaging or flavor, thanks to special attention to chocolate molds, the chocolate itself is also beautiful. Chocolate makers use chocolate molds as an additional avenue for artistic expression. Jennie shared that Next Door’s chocolate corner even has a bar molded to look like the tiles on a fireplace in Budapest!

Zingerman's Photo of Rozsavolgyi Cardamom Chocolate Bar shaped like traditional Hungarian tiles

Truffle Treasure Trove

From classic creamy ganache fillings with herbs, fruit and nuts to non-dairy vegan selections and unusual flavor combinations, Next Door’s truffle case selection is unrivaled and is packed with delicious options.

“There’s nowhere near here you can find such a large selection for truffles by the best of the best truffle makers. We have the luxury of sourcing the finest truffles available. Truffles are beautiful little packages on their own” said Reina.

Next Door’s truffle customers can even build custom truffle boxes which hold 1-36 truffles.

Zingerman's Next Door Café Truffles

Constant Curation & Collaboration

Always stocking around 100 chocolate bars, Next Door’s chocolate corner expanded over the last year to include products from Hungary, Iceland and Singapore made with out of the ordinary ingredients like matcha, barley and activated charcoal. By staying up on the latest news in chocolate and staying in touch with our vendors, our chocolate corner is always up on the most buzzworthy chocolate bars on the scene.

Part of what makes Next Door’s chocolate selection so special is the close relationships it has fostered with makers over the years, which fosters super creative collaborations between the Zingerman’s team and makers like Sweet Gem Confections (Ann Arbor, MI) and Askinosie (Springfield, MO).

Zingerman's Next Door Café Askinosie CollaBARation Bars

Infinitely Pairable

Putting together a charcuterie board or snack plate? Don’t forget to add a little chocolate. Chocolate’s complex flavors only increase when paired with wine, beer, coffee, tea, cheese, dried fruit, salty snacks, and nuts.

“Here’s a secret: most chocolates pair well with wine,” said Reina.

That’s right. The only limit to what makes a great chocolate pairing is your imagination!

Zingerman's Next Door Café truffles with a cocktail

Under the guidance of Next Door’s chocolate experts, you’re guaranteed to learn something new. Remember: when it comes to tasting, practice makes perfect. We don’t think you’ll struggle to cultivate discipline in dedicating yourself to leveling up your chocolate tasting palate.

“Chocolate is one of those products that’s so pleasing to the senses, it’s easy to learn about the flavor nuances, you can learn to taste and quickly build your palate’s background,” said Reina.

Get started today – download our Chocolate Tasting Guide, stop by Next Door Café’s chocolate corner and sign up for our next chocolate tasting experience!