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The Sunny Sundae Edition

Hello Dear Reader,
Those of us working in Zingerman’s Next Door Café have been dreaming up various compositions of the ultimate sundae. I am definitely convinced our shelves are filled with the best array of sublime sauces and texturally tantalizing toppings to create an out-of-this-world sundae combination at home. I’ve compiled a list of suggestions to get those dreamy summer dessert wheels whirling.

Feeling Saucy

A fantastic sundae might just start with the perfect rich sauce. From gooey caramel to thick chocolate sauce, we have a few decadent suggestions.

Crunchy Bites

If you love a bit of sweet crunch contrasting against the smooth, creamy texture of gelato, our shelves are filled with options.

Snazzy Sprinkles

The chocolate bars found on our shelves are certainly something to be savored all on their own, but I think pairing a few special chocolate shavings, would propel a simple bowl of ice cream to a world-class dessert.

Want more suggestions? Stop by the Next Door Café to peruse our selection and find out our staff’s favorite sundaes additions.

Yours in Chocolate,