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  • Bea’s Molasses Cookies, A Staff Recipe

    This is my very favorite cookie recipe! They turn out great when you use ordinary grocery store flours and spices, but are UNBELIEVABLE when you use quality spices and vanilla, … Continued

  • Thanksgiving Leftovers: Curried Turkey Salad!

    Remix that roast bird into an anything-but-boring salad with unexpected flavor. It’s so tasty, you’ll reach for this left over turkey recipe all year round.

  • Staff BBQ Spices from Épices de Cru

    Get Your BBQ On! While the name may sound a bit innocuous, don’t be fooled—this stuff has 22 different herbs and spices.

  • Classic Carrot Potage Soup Recipe

    Épices de Cru’s 1642 Soup blend provides the base to make classic Quebec Potage—the thick soup/stew that Quebecois people are so fond of. Try the recipe!

  • Epices de Cru Trinidad Curry mix spread out on a white background

    Trinidad Curry by Épices de Cru

    Calypso music, like this curry mix, and so much of Trinidadian culture, is a blend of various “imports” adjusted and added to become distinctly Trinidadian.