10 Tasty Ways To Use Truffle Salt

If you couldn’t tell by our vast collection available at the Deli and online, we kind of love salt. We decided to share some of our favorite ways to use Truffle Salt, a wonderful concoction made with traditional salt and pieces of white or black truffle. Super fancy, super versatile.

Tip #1 – In Oil

Mix with your favorite olive oil for dipping with bread to make an easy yet delicious appetizer. Ari has many favorites! Browse here.

Tip #2 – Eggs!

Add to your scrambled eggs to start your morning with a smile. Or whip up a breakfast sandwich and sprinkle atop the fried egg! We recommend the Honest ABE or Fried Egg ‘N ‘Nduja!

Tip #3 – Popcorn

Get your popcorn red carpet ready for your next movie night. Adding chili or garlic powder can also be a great way to elevate your movie snack.

Tip #4 – Fries

Impress your friends with truffle french fries! If you have truffle oil, you can also make a truffle aioli as a wonderful dipping sauce (works great on burgers, too!).

Tip #5 – Risotto

Finish a rich, creamy risotto with a sprinkle of this salt. Check out Ari’s recipe for smoked turkey risotto!

Tip #6 – Pesto

Mix into pesto for an earthy pasta treat. We’ve got lots of pesto options to browse (including Truffle Pesto!).

Tip #7 – Veggies

Sprinkle on roasted or grilled vegetables, or even atop a salad.

Tip #8 – Potatoes

Make meatloaf night extra special with truffle salt mashed potatoes on the side.

Tip #9 – Steak

Top off a nice, juicy steak with a sprinkle of truffle salt to pack an umami punch!

Tip #10 – Dip it!

Did we mention that dipping with olive oil is really amazing?

Black and White truffle salt jars being held in someone's hand with Deli tile in the background