Handmade Halloween Candy: Karamel Krunch!


For a very limited time, the oompa loompas at Zingerman’s Candy Manufactory have created a bite-size treat that has us all wishing we could go trick-or-treating again. As a matter of fact, if word gets out in the neighborhood that you’ve got bite-sized Karamel Krunch in your candy bowl, you’ll have more adults ringing your doorbell than kids this Halloween! 


Karamel Krunch

The Karamel Krunch is a delicious temptation dreamed up by Zingerman’s Candy Manufactory made with muscovado brown sugar, caramel and crisped rice, sliced into bite-sized cubes and covered in a thick envelope of creamy real milk chocolate. 

It all starts with muscovado brown sugar caramel that’s mixed with crisped rice, enrobed in milk chocolate, cut into bite size pieces and sealed in shiny silver foil wrappers. Each bag contains thirty-six individually wrapped pieces that you can dole out on Halloween or keep for yourself or a more adult Halloween party.



Here’s how the Candy Manufactory makes these only-available-at-Halloween treats:



CBS Local Detroit said, “This chocolate bar… reminds me of being a kid. The caramel adds a nice chewiness to the crispy puffed rice, all covered in creamy milk chocolate.” The Candy Manufactory also offers a Karamel Krunch version of its Zzang bar, its wildly popular, old fashioned candy bar, for those who are jonesing for more than just a bite of Karamel Krunch at a time.


The Deli’s Candy Corner

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If you’re pining for our Karamel Krunch, please note: supplies are very limited – we won’t be making any more. Make sure to stock up on Karamel Krunch for you and your little holiday ghosts and goblins today!