Georgia Pecans on our Mind


Buttery and crisp at the same time – Georgia pecans offer a special luxurious touch wherever they turn up. Whether they’re featured in sweet or savory recipes, pecans lend a certain texture and flavor that’s hard to replicate. 

The Deli sources its mammoth pecan halves from South Georgia Pecan Company of Valdosta, Georgia, in the heart of Pecan Country. The quality and flavor of the pecans stand out dramatically in side-by-side taste tests at the Deli. 

South Georgia Pecan Company processes pecans from its home state of Georgia, the largest pecan bearing acreage in the country, and from all across the “Pecan Belt”. The company has four plants located within a 1.5 mile radius designed for the processing and production of pecan products. First, its in-shell pecan cleaning and grading plant processes in-shell pecans to remove farm level foreign material picked up during harvesting. After being graded, cracked and shelled, and the nut meat is harvested and dried to lower the moisture content. Finally, the finishing processing plant utilizes state-of-the-art processing equipment to produce finished pecan products that meet the tightest specifications in the pecan industry.  (For more about the history of this company, read this post written by Ari.)

Since Zingerman’s is all about full-flavored high quality food, it’s not a surprise that we had to add them to our recipes and retail shelves! South Georgia’s top- shelf pecans are the star of several of our perennial favorites, such as: – the Deli’s special spiced pecans, our Thanksgiving menu’s pecan stuffing, our holiday maple sweet potatoes, our house made granola, and we even bag them up for you to use at home in your kitchen and on your charcuterie and cheese boards. 

No matter what dish you enjoy these mammoth Georgia pecans in, we’re certain you really will taste the difference!

Spiced Pecans–A Holiday Delight

We know the holidays are coming when we start to smell the aroma of Spiced Pecans being prepared in the Deli Kitchen. Just the fragrance alone is incredibly enticing, but pop one of them in your mouth and you’ll soon find yourself eating an entire bag! They are the perfect hostess gift, all dressed up in handsome, shiny packaging. 

In our never-ending effort to always improve what we do in small but meaningful ways, we’ve done two things over the years to take them up a notch. First, we made the decision to spend a bit more and switch all of the spices used to the superb stuff we source from our friends at Épices de Cru in Montreal. These are, after all, spiced pecans—clearly, the spices are a significant part of what makes them special. 

The de Vienne family has done three decades of work to source superb spices. They pay growers more to get higher quality, which translates into an infinitely more holistic way to work—better flavor, better living, better everything! After being toasted with butter, the pecans get tossed while still warm with lots of freshly ground Tellicherry black pepper, Jamaican allspice, ground ginger, amazing cloves from India, and other enticingly exotic spices.

But back to the issue at hand—the spiced pecans are delicious eaten just as they are. If you put a bowl of them out at almost any gathering, they’re sure to be gone before you know it. It’s hard to eat just one. They’re also excellent chopped and tossed onto gelato, mashed sweet potatoes, roasted carrots, or green salads. We love ‘em on salads with blue cheese and pears or apples. Chop and toss on top of rice pudding or noodle kugel. They seem to pair particularly well with bourbon, too! If you put them out during the holidays, we will forecast that next year your friends and relatives will be looking for them when they come back to visit! 

Raw Georgia Pecans for Sale

If you’re interested in getting your hands on these mammoth pecans to use in your own recipes, you’re in luck – we sell them raw! The Deli stocks a whole section of our favorite specialty baking ingredients, including ingredients like freshly milled whole grains and a variety of nuts, in its retail section so you’re equipped with the best of the best ingredients to pack your home-cooked creations with quality and flavor.

Order a bag of pecans – raw or spiced – online for pickup at the Deli today!