Summer Fling Coffee Cake – Special Bake!

Excerpt from Ari’s Top 5 enews

A late-season weekend fling with one of my Bakehouse favorites

As we move into the final weeks of summer, the Bakehouse has decided to have one more fling with the season. Or at least with this seasonally lovely coffee cake from the pastry kitchen. Summer Fling Coffee Cake will be out this weekend for one last appearance before autumn rolls around. Because the Summer Fling Coffee Cakes freeze so well, it would be a wise move to buy a bunch and then bring them out when you need a bit of culinary sunshine as the days get shorter with the season.

What makes the Summer Fling Coffee Cake so good? Lime and coconut are, I think, a killer combination. The quality of the ingredients—sour cream, coconut paste, flaked dried coconut, fresh eggs, real vanilla, and a good dose of lime oil makes a big difference as well. Long, slow, toasting of the coconut helps to seal the culinary deal. Amy Emberling, Co-Managing Partner of the Bakehouse and co-author of Zingerman’s Bakehouse, says,

The Summer Fling is one of our most versatile products—great with coffee or tea in the morning; lovely for a sweet afternoon snack; excellent after dinner. I love the texture of this cake. It’s moist and dense. I particularly love the name, reminding me of the distinctively different feel of summer socializing—more carefree and adventurous, disconnected from the real part of life, with a predetermined end date making unorthodox choices less risky.  

The flavor lingers long and lovingly on your palate, so a little bit will go a long way! Very good with gelato from the Creamery. It’s also great fried up very lightly in a well-buttered skillet. Bring one to your next meeting and make work that day into a bit of a party, or give one as a back-to-school gift to bus drivers, teachers, principals, custodians, or anyone else of whom you’re appreciative.

The Summer Fling Coffee Cake is a seasonal item available as a special bake during the summer. We have another special coffeecake coming up for Rosh Hashanah! Read about our Honey Cake.