Domaine de Terre Rouge Dijon Mustard


Excerpt from Ari’s Top 5 enews

A swirl of complex flavors in a lovely jar of smooth stone ground mustard

We’ve been getting the wonderful mustards from the folks at Domaine Terre Rouge in France for I think two decades now. The Cognac, Mushroom, Absinthe, and the purple-hued, coarse-grained Violet mustard are all amazing, as is my long time favorite, the Walnut Mustard—I wrote about a potato dish using this mustard that I’ve been loving. The big news for mustard lovers though is that, for the first time, we’re now getting their straight, unadulterated, unflavored, Dijon mustard! If you’re a mustard lover like I am, come check it out. Like all their mustards, the Dijon is above anything else I’ve tried in the same category. A wonderful return to the flavor of traditional French mustard from centuries past! It’s so fresh, so intense, that it’s palate-awakening and markedly memorable. I gave Tammie a taste when it first came in and she just kept saying, “Wow!” over and over again. It’s a wonderful culinary wakeup call!

The Domaine de Terre Rouge was founded in Corrèze in the Dordogne region of France, all the way back in 1990. (The town is notable too as the home of the dynamic Rabbi David Feuerwerker, professor of Jewish history who became active in the resistance to the Nazis during WWII.) The company was created by artisan distillers, in part, as a way to use their liqueurs—their absinthe mustard is appropriately amazing. In 2015, the company moved to the northwest of France and merged with a family-owned condiment firm, called Alelor, that was founded in 1873. They work with ten farmers in the area to grow their mustard seed locally, and all the mustard seed is stone-milled.

You can do anything with the Domaine de Terre Rouge Dijon you’d do with other mustards. Sandwiches, knish, sausage, salamis, and pâtés are all good matches. Great in vinaigrette—if I’m in a hurry, sometimes I just add a spoonful of the mustard right onto the salad. It’s super fine for a roast beef sandwich. More out of the mainstream, I like it a lot in scrambled eggs—I mix the mustard right into the eggs, then drop in some of the Roadhouse’s pulled pork in as well, and gently stir the mixture while the eggs cook. (Chopped ham, cooked chicken, or turkey would work well too.) It’s remarkably good with French fries! Add a little to a cream sauce for fish, shrimp, or steak.

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