Liptauer Cheese from Zingerman’s Creamery

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Traditional Hungarian flavors re-emerge

Zingerman's Creamery Liptauer cheese spread on bread

Most people aren’t familiar, but liptauer cheese (pronounced “Lip-tower”) is a long-standing Hungarian tradition. It’s basically the Hungarian version of pimento cheese—a delicious cheese spread with peppers. It’s slightly spicy, super delicious, and frighteningly addictive.

We start with our very fresh Farm Cheese, spice it up with fresh garlic, a good bit of Hungarian paprika, capers, toasted caraway, and just a touch of anchovy. It’s moderately spicy and exceptionally flavorful—there’s a big burst of flavor in every bite! I’ve been told that in Hungary it was often served in casinos and bars—it’s definitely the sort of stuff that goes great with good salami and beer.

Liptauer Cheese is great on rye bread from Zingerman’s Bakehouse, bagels and baked potatoes, or used as an hors-d’oeuvre or the base for spicy finger sandwiches. Really good on a roast beef sandwich. Or stick a soft spoonful on a steak that’s just off the grill. Try putting some in an omelet! Find out why Hungarians rarely go more than a day or two without eating some of this wonderful paprika-laced deliciousness! – Ari's signature

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