#55 Gemini Rocks the House

Zingerman's own handmade fresh mozzarella, tomatoes & Italian pesto on grilled farm bread.

#75 Leo's Friendly Lion

Fresh avocado spread, spicy fire-roasted New Mexico green chiles, Wisconsin muenster cheese & tomato on grilled farm bread.

#36 Lila & Izzie's Skokie Skidoo

Switzerland Swiss cheese, coleslaw & lots of Russian dressing on grilled farm bread. Deli All-Star!

#32 Big Al's Saturday Night Special

Smoked mozzarella from Zingerman's Creamery, piquillo peppers, lettuce, tomato, olive oil & vinegar on a grilled paesano roll.

#38 Schoolkids' Song 'n' Dance

Switzerland Swiss cheese, scallion cream cheese, tomato, carrots, onions, cucumber & locally grown organic sunflower sprouts on pumpernickel.

#5 Rodger's Big Picnic

Oven-roasted asparagus, grilled marinated portabello mushrooms, Vermont cheddar cheese & Dijon vinaigrette on grilled farm bread.

#90 Todd's Cheesy Weezy

Good ol' American cheese grilled to perfection on Bakehouse white bread.

#219 Erica's Tea-wich

Slightly spicy pimento cheese, slices of cucumber and tomato on quartered country wheat bread.

#236 Rucker's Raucous Reuben (NEW!)

Grilled tempeh from the Brinery, Switzerland Swiss cheese, Brinery sauerkraut & Russian dressing on grilled onion rye.

#92 Sheila's Viva Las Vegan

Hummus, artichokes, roasted red peppers & baby spinach on grilled farm bread.

#94 Amazing Grace's Family Shroom

Grilled portabello mushrooms, Carrot Top spread & fresh cucumber on grilled sourdough bread.