Kids Corner

Kids' Sandwiches

A kid-sized sandwich served on Bakehouse white bread. Your choice: turkey, corned beef, chicken, tuna salad, chicken salad, ham, bologna or salami.

Kids' Grilled Cheese

Good ol' American cheese on Bakehouse white bread.

Kids' PB&J

Koeze Cream-Nut peanut butter & berry preserves on Bakehouse white bread.

Kids' Meal Deal

A kid-sized sandwich, side (choice of vanilla yogurt, rice pudding, chocolate pudding or applesauce) & drink (your choice of milk or a juice box).

Kids' Dogs

A kid-sized all-beef dog. Served on a soft roll. Really flavorful!

À la mode gelato

A kid-sized 2 ounce gelato.

Kids' Sides

fresh fruit salad, applesauce, chocolate pudding, rice pudding, vanilla yogurt, or Zing-taters