Chicken Sandwiches

23 Mary’s Commute
Our delicious chicken salad (chunks of hand-cut Amish chicken, mayo, onion & celery), Nueske’s applewood-smoked bacon, lettuce & mayo on challah bread.
$10.50 / $12.99

44 Architect’s Four Club
Amish chicken breast, Wisconsin muenster cheese & applewood-smoked bacon with lettuce, tomato & mayo on country wheat bread from the Bakehouse.
$11.50 / $13.99
62 Jay’s BBQ Chicken
Pulled Amish chicken in Zingerman’s own BBQ sauce with Vermont cheddar cheese on a soft bun. Served with a side of applewood-smoked baked beans.
$9.99 / $11.50
85 J.V.W.’s Detroit St. BBQ
Zingerman’s BBQ Amish chicken, Nueske’s applewood-smoked bacon & coleslaw on grilled sourdough bread. Served with a side of applewood-smoked baked beans.
$12.50 / $14.50
63 Abra’s Nutty Yard Bird
Chicken salad (chunks of hand-cut Amish chicken, mayo, onion, celery) & Garden Works locally grown organic sunflower sprouts on lightly toasted pecan raisin bread from the Bakehouse.
$12.99 / $15.50
51 Bob & Roz’s Fiesta
Grilled Amish chicken breast, Wisconsin muenster cheese, spicy fire-roasted New Mexico green chiles, roasted red pepper sauce, lettuce & tomato on grilled rye bread. Served with sour cream on the side.
$12.99 / $15.50
54 Wayne’s Inheritance
Grilled Amish chicken breast, Vermont cheddar cheese, cucumber & Zingerman’s ranch dressing on grilled rye bread.
$11.50 / $13.50
84 Benno’s Birdie
Amish chicken breast, Ligurian pesto, oven-dried tomatoes and fresh handmade mozzarella on grilled rustic Italian bread.
$13.50 / $15.50
74 Dave’s Open Road
Grilled Amish chicken breast, applewood-smoked bacon, Wisconsin muenster cheese, Zingerman’s ranch dressing & lettuce on grilled challah bread.
$12.50 / $14.50
76 Thad’s “Yes I Can!”
Grilled Amish chicken breast, Wisconsin muenster cheese, roasted red pepper sauce & lettuce on grilled sourdough bread.
$11.99 / $13.99
202 The Banh Mo new-icon
Vietnamese chicken sausage from Detroit’s Corridor Sausage Co., The Brinery’s pickled carrots, fresh cilantro and mayo. Grilled on a soft bun.

Full-flavored Chicken & Eggs!
Chicken or the egg? Let’s call it a tie!

Free Range Amish Chicken
Our chicken of choice is moist and flavorful. Better chicken spreads a wealth of flavor across the whole menu. Here’s how…

BBQ Chicken
Our Amish birds are roasted, hand-pulled and mixed with our incomparable BBQ sauce to make the sweet and tangy filling for our battalion of BBQ chicken sandwiches & our Blue-B-Q Salad.

Local Eggs
There’s a breakfast revolution going on at the Deli driven by our fantastic, flavorful local eggs! Our organic eggs from Grazing Fields Egg Co-op gleam from our breakfast platters like tiny suns. They are produced by cage-free birds that live in a natural light cycle.

Better Eggs = Better Breakfast
Enjoy ‘em paired with Nueske’s bacon, Edward’s Virginia breakfast sausage or Kentucky Broadbent sausage gravy, either on a big breakfast platter or sandwiched between the crisp halves of a toasted sesame bagel from the Bakehouse.