Bike Toolbox

Zingerman’s likes bikes

Ann Arbor is a very bike friendly town. There are bike lanes throughout the city, and it’s one of the easiest ways to get around downtown quickly and easily. Washtenaw county has the border to border trail which is an off-street trail system that connects Ann Arbor with Ypsilanti & points in between.

The get Downtown group has some great bike resources listed on their website, and there’s also an Arbor Bike station just a minute walk from our front door.

Another great resource for bikers in Ann Arbor is Common Cycle. They host a mobile repair stand at the Kerrytown Farmers Market on Sunday “to help people ride their bikes more by teaching them how to keep their bikes happy”.

If you need a bike repair, or some supplies Sic Transit is only a half mile away, and can take care of all your needs.

We have bike parking available at Zingerman’s Deli next to our front door, covered bike parking on the porch of the blue house, for those rainy days, and during the summer months the get Downtown program provides us with a large bike rack directly across the street from our front door.

We have many bike commuters, and enthusiasts that work at the Deli and we like to talk bikes. We hope you can roll on over for a visit.

A big thanks go to Common Cycle for stocking the station for us, and to Pete Jensen – our favorite Carpenter and builder who helped us by building the box.

Bike Band-Aid Kit.

Out and about around town on your bike?  Whether you need to refuel with a Reuben sandwich, a quick latte pick me up, or find yourself challenged with a minor mechanical problem Zingerman’s Deli can help.  We’ve always had an air hose available to pump up tires, but we also added in a bikers tool-kit that we’re calling the biker’s band aid.  It contains, tubes, a patch kit, some basic tools you’d need for minor repairs to get you home, or help you make it to your local bike shop to get anything more major taken care of.

  • Learn how to fix a flat with this handy flyer!
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