Sandwich of the Month

Sandwich of the Month: Barbecue Bill BBQ Beef, sliced old pickles on an onion roll, served with a 4oz side of Old-fashioned Potato Salad.
Dinner at the Deli: Brisket Plate

Dinner at the Deli: Brisket Plate Available 5pm to 10pm: Hot, hand-sliced brisket, buttery mashed potatoes, with your choice of vegetable from the salad case.
Catering Graduation Menu

Catering Graduation Menu From delicious deli trays to superior sandwiches, beautiful breakfast baskets to our Grillin’ for the Grad package…
Spring Olive Oil Change Sale

Spring Olive Oil Change Sale!! Select 2013 Harvest oils will be on sale
all month: 1 bottle at 10%, 2 bottles at 20% off, 3 or more bottles for 30% off.

West Coast of Flavor!   

For the past several years, we’ve celebrated our favorite foods from California. As our exploration of the West Coast expanded, so did our selection of amazing foods from this region. This month our celebration goes beyond the great state of California with full flavored and traditional foods from Oregon and Washington too. We’re excited to offer three brand new cheeses from Glendale Shepherd in Washington, Ancient Heritage Dairy in Oregon, and Bellwether Farms in California at our cheese counter, as well as some longtime favorite meats from Fra’mani and Fabrique Délices out of California. Be sure to stop by for a taste.

April also kicks off our annual Spring Oil Change sale. It’s a good time to stock up on your favorite olive oils. Buy 1 bottle for 10% off, 2 bottles for 20% off and 3 or more bottles for 30% off. Just look for the 1.2.3. sticker. Round up your friends and family and group order for the big discount. You may have heard that it’s been a really rough year for the olive oil harvest. This will make some oils hard to get next year. It’s a good idea to swoop up your favorites as we may not have them on our shelves until after next year’s harvest. But don’t worry, we are working really hard to source great new oils in the meantime.

Since we’re back to our summer hours and the sun is setting later and later, it’s a great time to get dinner at the Deli. We are featuring a new plated meal each month available only between 5pm and 10pm. This month, we are hand slicing our classic brisket nice and thick, and serving it up piping hot with a special horseradish cream sauce and buttery mashed potatoes with gravy. To round out the meal, you can select any vegetable from the Deli salad case.

Zingerman’s Catering 2015 Graduation Menu Is Now Available!

Click here to check out what we’re offering for the University of Michigan Commencement this May 2nd. From delicious deli trays to superior sandwiches, beautiful breakfast baskets to our Grillin’ for the Grad package, you’ll be able to fashion a full flavored feast fit for your parents, grandparents and friends!

Call 734-663-3400 to chat with one of our expert caterers. They can take care of all the details so you can focus on finishing up for the big day. One of our sales staff will ask all the right questions and walk you through your order in a flash. For $25, our delivery drivers will bring the food to your door and help you get set up (but we also make pick-up real easy – you won’t even need to get out of your car!). Leave Ann Arbor in good taste with Zingerman’s Catering!