Enough Hip Tea Hype —
We Go For Flavor First

Drinking a cup of Zingerman’s Universe O’Tea won’t change your life and it won’t eliminate all your excess stress. If, on the other hand, you have been on the quest for truly terrific tea like we have, the flavor of fantastic tea before the hype hit, then these teas are for you. For over twenty years we’ve focused our energies on finding the best of the varietals, what the tea trade calls “self drinkers.” These are the equivalents of France’s great estate wines: single-estate Darjeelings and Nilgiris, amazing Chinese greens, whites and oolongs and an array of herbal infusions. It’s our firm belief that anyone willing to commit the time to do some attentive tasting will be paid back with a lifetime of tea drinking pleasure. Great teas like these are for everyone. Enjoy! Ari

All teas are    $2.50/cup     $4.49/pot
Wanna pick-up some tea to make at home? Tea tins are available for purchase in the Deli.


Earl Green
The “green” alternative for people who like Earl Grey. Pouchong tea leaves scented with bergamot. Refreshingly good either hot or iced.

This very unexpected combination is a Japanese specialty—steamed green tea with puffed rice. Genmaicha brews up to a golden infusion with a toasty aroma reminiscent of popping corn. Warm, mouth filling flavor with a nice smooth finish.

Organic Dragon Well
One of the classic Chinese teas, named for the dragon that lives in the well at Hangzhou. Beautifully crafted, old-style tea from Zhejiang—the sword-shaped leaves and buds are a testament to the artisanal production. This is a mellow tea with a refreshing bittersweet flavor that has hints of fresh cut grass and toasted chestnuts and a surprisingly savory finish.

Sencha Superior
A very special tea picked in early spring in the Shizuoka District in Japan. Beautiful green leaves brew up to an elegant, sweet, green and grassy cup that is smooth and savory. The chicken soup of the tea world.

Organic Hojicha
A unique roasted Japanese green tea. The light brown leaves brew up to a sweet, amber colored infusion with an aroma of buckwheat and seaweed. Very savory and very good with meals.


Organic Earl Grey
Unlike so many Earl Grey blends, in this one you can really taste the tea as well as the citrus. Our version of this old familiar is made with Yunnan black tea leaves used in perfect balance with the essence of bergamot, the lovely Sicilian citrus whose flavor is the distinguishing component of Earl Grey. As distinguished as Charles Grey, the British Earl it was named after.

Organic Golden Yunnan
One of the most elegant black teas we’ve ever tried. Subtle, sophisticated sweetness and a long, long finish. Ari’s favorite morning tea.

Organic Keemun Golden buds
An exceptional tea that’s unlike any other we’ve tasted this season. Made with young tea buds, it’s is bright and full flavored with rich notes of ripe dates and pine. It has strength, body, aroma, a hint of astringency and a fine, long finish. A rare and special tea.

First Flush Darjeeling
Thurbo Estate 2009

After a dry winter, there was concern about the low yield of the first crop of 2009- would there be enough, and would anyone be able to afford them? We tasted through many samples, and happily agreed that the Thurbo Estate was our first choice. Grown in the undulating slopes of the Mirik valley, just south of the town of Darjeeling, it has a strong, pronounced character, with notes of hops and a bigger body than the rest, while still retaining the classic astringency of the first picking of the season.

Second Flush Darjeeling
Castleton Estate 2009

A classic 2nd flush. Full bodied, with an aroma of toasted barley and fall leaves that finishes with lovely muscatel bass notes.

Assam Superior 2008
Harvested in the summer months in Assam, located in the sub-tropical far North East of India. The ‘TGFOP’ denotes that it’s a Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe- in layman’s terms that means that it’s the finest grade of whole leaf tea, replete with golden bud tips. What predominates is an elegant boldness that is slightly malty with a hint of citrus. It can handle a touch of milk, but is perfectly delicious all on it’s own.

Nilgiri Winter Frost Tea 2008
Nilgiri teas hail from the picturesque, undulating slopes of the Western Ghat mountains in Southern India. This blend of several different estates was our top pick for 2008. It represents the classic, full-bodied flavor profile that Nilgiris are known for: deeply fragrant and whole-heartedly brisk, with a vividly deep-red glow. Frost teas are revered for their captivating flavor and aromatic sweet notes. The contents of this tin were harvested in late January, when the tea bushes were flush with energy, sending out an abundance of new leaves. Enjoy it on its own, or with milk.

Ceylon Ratnapura, 2009
The Ratnapura district in Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, is highly regarded for quality teas. Ceylonese teas range in flavor based on the elevation where they’re grown- high grown teas are lighter in body, whereas low grown teas have a stronger flavor profile. Ratnapura is a low elevation area, and the tea contained here is a great representation of a classic, richly flavored brew- good for drinking any time of day, and traditionally served with a slice of lemon.


Organic Silver Needle
The most sought after white tea in the world, it’s harvested only a few days a year in the north of Fujian province in China. This is a clear, light, golden infusion with a rich body, unique savory aroma and sweet mellow finish. A very refreshing after dinner cup.


Amber Dragon
Sometimes known as the “Champagne of Teas”, this very special oolong is light and toasty with an aroma of burning autumn leaves. Exceptionally delicious.

Iron Goddess of Mercy
One of the most treasured oolong teas in the world. Iron Goddess of Mercy got it’s name because it is said to have cured a very sick Chinese emperor of a mystifying illness after his best shamans and herbalists had failed to find a remedy. Big, toasty flavor that hints of roasting barley. Eye opening and exclamation-provokingly good.

Organic Wu Yi Oolong
From the Wu Yi mountains of Fujian, China, the birthplace of oolong teas. Light and very smooth with hints of toasted nuts and sesame.

Blends & Infusions

Organic Jasmine Pearl
One of the best jasmine teas we’ve ever tried. Only the most tender green tea leaves and buds are used to make this beautiful tea. Dragon Pearl tea leaves are hand rolled into tiny, exquisite pearls and mixed with real jasmine blossoms. The blossoms are then removed by hand, leaving infused aromatic “pearls”. An exceptionally sophisticated cup.

Masala Chai
An old South Indian traditional recipe, ready to be brewed with milk and sugar. Organic black tea leaves spiced with black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and whole pods of green cardamom. A comforting and nourishing cup.

One of our best selling herbal infusions. Oils of orange and tangerine, lots of ginger, a hint of licorice along with rosehips, orange peel, schizandra and hibiscus that brews up to a scarlet red infusion. A spicy, citrusy blend of herbs that’s sure to get you rockin’.

Organic Unity
A surprisingly unified blend of unexpected and diverse flavors. Unity is a blend of cardamom, lemongrass, peppermint, licorice, citrus essences and a bit of black pepper. It’s sweet and spicy, soothing and stimulating all at the same time.

Organic Golden Chamomile Blossoms
From Egypt, where it was dedicated to the ancient gods for it’s healing properties, this exceptionally good organic chamomile has pineapple aromas and a rich, refreshing, complex, honey-like flavor. A bright and clean cup that’s both calming and delicious.

Morrocan Mint
A standard in the bazaars of Morocco in North Africa, this is a blend of organic Chinese green Gunpowder tea and peppermint leaves. Moroccans always brew it with lots of sugar. Smoother and mellower than most and a great way to bring the elusive taste of North Africa to your table.

A veritable plethora of organic dried fruits and unusual herbs — blueberries, rosehips, organic South African honeybush, cherry, hibiscus, schizandra, orange peel, passion fruit, mango, cranberries. Scarlet makes a deep red brew that is bright, fruity and tart. As feisty as its celluloid namesake.

Organic Peppermint
Peppermint from the Pacific Northwest is considered the most aromatic and potent in the world. This brew has a big flavor and aroma. A soothing cup that is reputed to promote clear thinking and focus.

Organic Rooibos (red bush)
A wonderful herbal beverage from the Cedarberg mountains in South Africa. Red Bush (or Rooibos in Afrikaans) leaves make a delicate red brew. Naturally caffeine free, gentle flavor.