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Zingerman's Deli Wallo's Wicked Roast Beef Sandwich February 2019 Sandwiches of the Month

Sandwich of the Month:

Wallo's Wicked Roast Beefy

Our resident Bostonian's take on a classic east coast favorite sandwich. Roast beef, cheddar cheese the Deli's zesty barbecue sauce, mayo, and red onion on a grilled onion roll.
$14.50/ sandwich
Pot Pie Plate Deli menu feature

Plate of the Month:

Pot Pie Plate

Choose from one of 6 varieties of our famous housemade pot pies - Amish Chicken, Fungi Mushroom, Red Brick Beef, Two Tracks Turkey, Darina’s Dingle (lamb) or Cheshire pork - to fill you up on a cold February day. Add a side from our venerable salad case to complete the feast.
$15.99/ plate

Did you know?

Any sandwich can be served instead on a bed of leaf lettuce! Just ask for The Sandwich Salad.

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