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Zingerman's Sandwich of the Month Kelly of The Deli's Curryosity in a basket

Sandwich of the Month:


The floating, falling, sweet intoxication of Épices de Cru's Trinidadian Curry Blend is highlighted in the Deli's house-made, cashew-packed curried turkey salad. Chef Kelly creatively combined the salad's spice with applewood smoked bacon, melty muenster cheese and added some cucumbers for crunch! Artfully arranged on grilled rustic Italian bread, this sandwich will silently have your senses abandon their defenses, helpless to the wonder of the spice! Curried turkey, bacon, muenster cheese and cucumber slices grilled Zingerman’s Bakehouse rustic Italian bread

$16.50/ sandwich
Zingerman's Deli plate of the month Madras Curry Chicken with Buttered Carolina Gold Rice on a plate

Plate of the Month:

Madras Curry Chicken with Buttered Carolina Gold Rice

Amish chicken, red bell peppers and cauliflower are coated in Épices du Cru’s Madras Curry blend, cooked in coconut milk and served atop a bed of buttery Carolina Gold rice from Anson Mills to create a prodigious plateful guaranteed to liven up a cold winter’s day. Add a side from our salad case to crown this meal fit for a king.

$16.99/ plate

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Did you know?

Any sandwich can be served instead on a bed of leaf lettuce!.

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