Making Sauerkraut Salad for Supper

Excerpt from Ari’s Top 5 enews A wonderful winter recipe from the most recent pamphlet This great recipe is one of 12 in the back of the pamphlet, “A Taste of … Continued

Couscous and Cold-Smoked Salmon

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Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year

Celebrating the High Holiday with Special Dishes A clean slate, a fresh start. There’s no time like the New Year for a healthy dose of optimism. Rosh Hashanah, known as … Continued

Rhubarb Pie from the Bakehouse

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The Loveliness of Long Pepper

Excerpt from Ari’s Top 5 enews An inspiring spice from Indonesia As many of you will already know, I have a deep devotion and great love for the terrific Tellicherry black pepper … Continued

Mushroom Fennel Salad

Excerpt from Ari’s Top 5 enews A recipe right out of Rolando Beramendi’s Autentico As you might have noticed, I have mushrooms on my mind of late! The #5 sandwich is marvelous. This … Continued

Anakhuzy Black Pepper from India

Excerpt from Ari’s Top 5 enews Exceptional rare pepper from the Elephant Valley In Confronting our Freedom, Peter Block writes, “A larger, overarching purpose always resides in our own history, if we … Continued

Durrus Cheese from Ireland

Excerpt from Ari’s Top 5 enews Super delicious semi-soft washed rind cheese from West Cork Somewhere, somehow, in the late 17th century, around the time the story of the Convulsionairres (see Trevor Dunn’s … Continued

Pfeffernüsse from the Bakehouse

Excerpt from Ari’s Top 5 enews One of my favorite tastes of the holiday season There are many things that folks look forward to this time of year at the Bakehouse. The … Continued

Cauliflower and Harissa Salad

Excerpt from Ari’s Top 5 enews A terrific taste of Tunisia to make at home Local heirloom tomato season is coming to an end for 2022, but cauliflower is still going strong! … Continued