Zingerman’s Potato Chips

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Spices decide. Spuds abide.

Michigan Potatoes & world class spices living in harmony.

I don’t know what took us so long, either, but we finally did it. We have our own potato chips! Zingerman’s teamed up with two companies doing fantastic things in the world of food to make one heck of a chip (surprise! they go great with sandwiches). We’ve combined Great Lakes Potato Chips of Traverse City, Michigan with world-class spices from Épices de Cru of Montreal (in the Great Lakes watershed). The result is a full-flavored snack that we can’t get enough of.

Read the whole story behind this ridiculously delicious snack—and some of the limited-edition flavors we’re working on!

Our Flavors Include:

  • French Grey Sea Salt
  • Detroit St. BBQ
  • Dill-icious Deli Pickle
  • Tellicherry Black Pepper


This bag contains the spice of life. Side effects include: sudden loss of boredom, more attractive friends, unpredictable moments of Zinginess…