Vegetarian Sandwiches

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Order a few hot sandwiches & sides, some hand-sliced meat & cheese, fine olive oils, tinned fish, bread & pastries—or anything else you might need. We will deliver it all locally in the Ann Arbor area for only $5.00 FREE!

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When placing your order, please inform us if you have a food allergy. We want to make sure our product is tasty and safe for you to consume! Need to know more about any ingredients... just call us 734-663-3354

DivinaArtisans of AntipastiFrom a single estate in Greece, these plump, hand-picked organic Kalamata olives are sweetly briny and buttery. Featured in our salads and housemade tapenade. Or, on the #32, #92 and Mediterranean Experience, try their whole meaty Piquillo red peppers fire-roasted to mellow, sweet perfection.

The BrineryMasters of vegetable fermentation, led by David Klingenberger, right here in Ann Arbor. We’re soy pumped to have their organically grown, non-GMO soybean tempeh on the #236. Brinery sauerkraut packs a crunch on many of our reubens. Pick up a jar of their fermentation creations for home.