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Corned Beef

#2 Zingerman's Reuben

TOP TEN! Zingerman's corned beef, Swiss Emmental cheese, Brinery sauerkraut & Russian dressing on grilled, hand-sliced Jewish rye bread.

$17.50     $19.50    

#13 Sherman's Sure Choice

TOP TEN! Zingerman's corned beef, Swiss Emmental cheese, coleslaw & Russian dressing on Jewish rye bread.

$17.50     $19.50    

#1 Who's Greenberg Anyway?

Zingerman's corned beef with chopped liver, leaf lettuce & our own Russian dressing on double-baked, hand-sliced Jewish rye bread from Zingerman's Bakehouse.

$13.99     $15.99    

#4 Dinty Moore

Zingerman's corned beef, lettuce, tomato & house-made Russian dressing on rye bread.

$15.99     $17.99    

#81 Oswald's Mile High

Zingerman's corned beef & yellow mustard on double-baked, hand-sliced Jewish rye bread. Ari's favorite!

$14.99     $16.99    

#81.5 Rick's 50/50 mix

TOP TEN! A mix of our Zingerman's corned beef & pastrami with yellow mustard on hand-sliced Jewish rye bread.

$14.99     $16.99    

#79 Sparky Get Your Zing On

Corned beef, turkey, provolone, chiles, tomatoes, yellow mustard and Russian dressing on rye bread.

$13.50     $15.50    


#48 Binny's Brooklyn Reuben

TOP TEN! Zingerman's pastrami, Swiss Emmental cheese, Brinery sauerkraut & Russian dressing NOW ON GRILLED RYE BREAD.

$17.50     $19.50    

#22 Jenny's Fix

Zingerman's pastrami, Swiss Emmental cheese, coleslaw & Russian dressing on grilled rye bread.

$17.50     $19.50    

#82 Don's Rhythm & Blues

Zingerman's pastrami & yellow mustard on rye bread from the Bakehouse.

$14.50     $16.50    


#97 Lisa C.'s Boisterous Brisket

Hand-pulled beef brisket simmered in Zingerman's own BBQ sauce on a soft bun, served with a side of applewood-smoked baked beans. As Seen on TV! "It's an 11 on a scale of 1-5," according to Oprah Winfrey.

$12.99     $14.99    

#123 TNT Cowboy Reuben

Hand-pulled, BBQ-sauced beef brisket topped with coleslaw and provolone cheese, served on a grilled paesano roll. Yee-haw! Dave's favorite!

$12.99     $14.99    

#34 Diana's Different Drummer

Beef brisket served warm with Russian dressing, coleslaw & fresh horseradish on Jewish rye bread.

$14.99     $16.99    

#43 S. Muno's Montréal Reuben

Wagshal's smoked brisket, Swiss Emmental cheese, Brinery sauerkraut & Russian dressing on grilled rye bread.

$17.50     $19.50    

Hot Dogs

#100 Icky's Every Day

Simple all-beef hot dog from United Meat & Deli! Really meaty, really flavorful.


All-Natural Turkey

#18 Georgia Reuben

TOP TEN! All-natural, 100% preservative-free turkey breast, Swiss Emmental cheese, coleslaw & Russian dressing on grilled Jewish rye bread.

$16.50     $18.50    

#73 Tarb's Tenacious Tenure

TOP TEN! Turkey breast, fresh avocado spread, Wisconsin muenster cheese, tomato & plenty of Zingerman's Russian dressing on grilled farm bread.

$16.50     $18.50    

#27 Pat & Dick's Honeymooner

Smoked turkey breast, Wisconsin muenster & spicy honey mustard on grilled challah bread.

$13.99     $15.99    

#88 Peter's Peppered Pick

All-natural turkey, lettuce, tomato, ranch dressing and Arkansas peppered bacon on grilled farm bread.

$15.99     $17.99    

#40 Siegel's Smoky Number

Smoked turkey breast, Arkansas peppered ham, Swiss Emmental cheese, lettuce & spicy honey mustard on rye bread.

$14.50     $16.50    


#14 Charlie M. 'S Tuna

Housemade tuna salad (made with MSC-certified sustainable pole & line caught 100% American Tuna, mayo, chopped Spanish onion, celery, sea salt, black pepper & lemon juice) & Vermont cheddar on grilled rye bread.

$12.50     $14.50    


#23 Mary's Commute

Our delicious chicken salad (chunks of hand-cut Amish chicken, mayo, onion & celery), Nueske's applewood-smoked bacon, lettuce & mayo on challah bread.

$12.99     $14.99    

#62 Jay's BBQ Chicken

Pulled Amish chicken in Zingerman's own BBQ sauce with Vermont cheddar cheese on a soft bun. Served with a side of our amaZing baked beans made with applewood-smoked bacon.

$11.99     $13.99    

#51 Bob & Roz's Fiesta

Grilled Amish chicken breast, Wisconsin muenster cheese, spicy fire-roasted New Mexico green chiles, roasted red pepper spread, lettuce & tomato on grilled rye bread. Served with sour cream on the side.

$13.99     $15.99    

#54 Wayne's Inheritance

Grilled Amish chicken breast, Vermont cheddar cheese, cucumber & Zingerman's ranch dressing on grilled rye bread.

$12.50     $14.50    

#84 Benno's Birdie

TOP TEN! Amish chicken breast, Ligurian pesto, oven-dried tomatoes & fresh handmade mozzarella on grilled rustic Italian bread.

$14.50     $16.50    

#74 Dave's Open Road

TOP TEN! Grilled Amish chicken breast, applewood-smoked bacon, Wisconsin muenster cheese, Zingerman's ranch dressing & lettuce on grilled challah bread.

$13.50     $15.50    

#64 Gitkin's Chicken Rendition

Chicken breast and crisp & smoky applewood bacon pair with the Deli's 'sauce habit' forming roasted red pepper spread, mashed avocados and a few slices of tomato on grilled challah.



#00 D-$'s Cuban Conundrum

TOP TEN! Cuban-style pulled pork, Arkansas peppered ham, Swiss Emmental cheese, old-fashioned dill pickles, mayo & hot mustard on a grilled paesano roll. Spicy!

$16.50     $18.50    

#26 Frank & Kathy's Half-Italian Sub

All-beef salami, Italian mortadella, Arkansas peppered ham, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, spicy fire-roasted New Mexico green chiles, olive oil & red wine vinegar grilled on a paesano roll.

$13.99     $15.99    

#66 Zingerman's B.L.T.

Nueske's applewood-smoked bacon, leaf lettuce, tomato & mayo on Jewish rye bread.

$10.99     $12.99    


#55 Gemini Rocks the House

TOP TEN! Zingerman's own handmade fresh mozzarella, tomatoes & Italian pesto on grilled farm bread.

$13.99     $15.99    

#75 Leo's Friendly Lion

Fresh avocado spread, spicy fire-roasted New Mexico green chiles, Wisconsin muenster cheese & tomato on grilled farm bread.

$13.50     $15.50    

#36 Lila & Izzie's Skokie Skidoo

Swiss Emmental cheese, coleslaw & lots of Russian dressing on grilled farm bread. Deli All-Star!

$11.99     $13.99    

#236 Rucker's Raucous Reuben

Grilled tempeh, Swiss Emmental cheese, Brinery sauerkraut & Russian dressing on grilled Jewish rye.


#420 Stewart's Farmer's Hash Plate

Zingerman's vegetarian hash. Oven-roasted sweet potatoes & redskin potatoes, piquillo peppers, sauteed spinach & crispy onions. Served with buttered toast & sour cream. Can be made vegan.

$10.99     $12.99    

#246 Soy Vey!

This vegan plant protein & pickle pair packs all of the sweet, spicy, sour-y and salty flavors we love into one sandwich - tempeh, BBQ sauce, yellow mustard, red onions and sliced pickles on grilled rustic Italian bread!



Cream of Tomato Soup

Rich, creamy tomato soup with a healthy dose of garlic.

$5.50 bowl    

Homemade Chicken Broth

We simmer Amish chicken, onions, celery, carrots, thyme, bay leaves & pepper for 8 hours for this incredibly rich stock.

$3.50 bowl     Add Rice, Egg Noodles or Matzo Ball $4.99 bowl    


Our housemade chicken broth with a brisket filled dumpling.

$4.99 bowl    


#600 Farmer's Market Salad

A simply satisfying salad of custom-blended greens, red onions, cucumbers & carrots. Tossed in our own balsamic vinaigrette.

$6.50     $8.50    

#606 Caesar Salad

Fresh romaine lettuce, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, housemade croutons & freshly ground black pepper. Tossed in our own Caesar dressing.

$9.99     $11.50    

#616 Grilled Chicken Caesar

Our famous Caesar salad with freshly grilled chicken breast.

$12.99     $14.50    

#608 Cyprus Salad

Grilled halloumi (a very tasty, slightly salty, soft cheese from the Mediterranean island of Cyprus), Kalamata olives, red onions, juicy tomatoes & fresh lemon zest on a bed of custom-blended greens. Tossed in our own Greek dressing.


#607 Greek Island Salad

Barrel-aged marinated Greek feta, Kalamata olives, juicy tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, & a sprinkling of oregano on a bed of custom-blended greens. Tossed in our own Greek dressing.


#623 ZCobb Salad

Custom-blended greens, carrots, applewood-smoked bacon and Amish chicken tossed with our Cobb dressing, topped with a hard-boiled egg, crumbled blue cheese & slices of fresh avocado.


Salad Additions

Chicken salad, tuna salad, smoked or roasted turkey, grilled chicken breast, tempeh.


Chips & Sides

Potato Chips

Spuds decide. Spuds abide. Michigan potatoes and world class spices living in harmony. Pick from French Grey Sea Salt, Detroit St. BBQ, Dill-icious Deli Pickle or Tellicherry Black Pepper.

Small Bag $2.00     Large Bag $6.00    

ABC Kale

A raw kale salad featuring some darn good olive oil, Marcona almonds, dried cherries and pecorino romano cheese.

$4.50 side    

Chicken Pesto

Roasted chicken, Ligurian style pesto, pasta, nuts, tomatoes, mayonnaise, Parmigiano Reggiano and balsamic vinegar.

$6.99 side    

Sesame Noodles

Udon noodles, sesame oil, rice wine vinegar, marash pepper, red peppers, sesame seeds & scallions.

$4.99 side    

Old Fashioned Potato Salad

Tender redskin potatoes, hard-boiled eggs & veggies in a mustard-based dressing.

$4.50 side    

Zingerman's Potato Salad

Zingerman's classic take on an old favorite. Redskin potatoes dressed in a delicious red pepper dressing.

$4.50 side    

Garlic Potato Salad

Redskin potatoes, mayo, parsley, garlic, Tellicherry pepper, sherry vinegar and sea salt.

$5.50 side    


Crunchy, two-cabbage slaw with plenty of mayo.

$3.99 side    


Yukon Gold potatoes, Spanish onions, Grazing Fields eggs, Tellicherry pepper, flour and sea salt. Served with sour cream or applesauce.

$3.99 each    

Baked Knish

Classic Jewish Savory pastry. Choose from Chicken, Pastrami, Potato & Kasha stuffed in a handmade crust.

$4.99 each     $12.00 for 3    

Noodle Kugel

Traditional Jewish "pudding" of rich egg noodles from Al Dente, fresh farm cheese from Zingerman's Creamery, plump raisins, cinnamon & a lot of real vanilla.

$3.99 each    

Rice Pudding

Our delicious Jewish style rice pudding. Big red flame raisins, whole milk, real vanilla and thick creamy rice.

$4.50 side    


Fresh apples stewed with butter & Indonesian cinnamon.

$3.99 side    

Chocolate Pudding

Eggs, sugar, chocolate, milk & vanilla.

$3.99 side    

Just for Kids

Kids' Sandwich or Hot Dog

A kid-sized sandwich served on Bakehouse challah. Your choice: turkey, corned beef, chicken, tuna salad, chicken salad, ham, salami or hot dog.


Kids' Meal Deal

A kid-sized sandwich, side (choice of rice pudding, chocolate pudding or applesauce) & a juice box.


Kids' PB&J

Koeze Cream-Nut peanut butter & berry preserves on Bakehouse challah.


Kids' Grilled Cheese

Good ol' American cheese on Bakehouse challah.


Desserts & Sweets


Magic: with toasted walnuts, Black Magic: without nuts, Buenos Aires caramel, or Townie Brownie: wheat free, made with amaranth and quinoa flours.

$4.29 each     $4.50 Townie Brownie    


Funky Chunky Chocolate with toasted walnuts

$3.15 each    

Cake Slice

Available when you order online or let us tell you all about our current flavors when you call to order!

$7.99 slice    

Pie Slice

Available when you order online or let us tell you all about our current flavors when you call to order!

$6.99 slice    


Blenheim Ginger Ale

Spicy & bubbly, this is the way ginger ale is supposed to taste. Made the same way since 1903.

$2.85 each    

Dr. Brown's Soda

The quintessential deli soda. Try the unique Cel-Ray flavor, unlike anything you've ever tasted before!

$1.99 each    

Zingerman's Cold Brewed Coffee

XTREME WARNING - high caffeine voltage! The velvet hammer of the caffeine universe is slow but fast, smooth but potent, suave but savage - you've been warned.

Regular $3.75 bottle     Vanilla Cream $4.50 bottle    

Bottled Water

With or without bubbles.

$1.99 bottle    

Natalie's Juices

From fresh Florida citrus, all Natalie's juices are made The Natalie's Way: honestly sourced, squeezed fresh, made in small batches, & minimally processed without the use of additives, preservatives, or GMOs.

Lemonade $3.50     Strawberry Lemonade $4.00     Honey Tangerine $4.00     Blood Orange $5.00    


America's first sparkling water made with just real squeezed fruit. Yup, that's it. Light, bright, slightly sweet, and a little pulpy. Choose from Raspberry Lime, Lemon, Orange Mango & Grapefruit.

$1.99 each    

January 2021

Chocolate and Mead Pairing with Bløm Meadworks

Date: Thursday, January 14, 2021 ; Time: 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm. Virtual via Zoom, Link will be sent after registration. We think pretty much anything goes with chocolate, but it does take an expert level of knowledge to match up just the right chocolate with the something special. We are excited to bring you some exciting beverage pairings–chocolate with mead and cider! Join Deli Chocolate Specialist, Jennie Brooks, and Bløm Meadworks owner Lauren Bloom for a virtual chocolate, mead and cider pairing event! Bløm Meadworks is located in Ann Arbor Michigan and brews with all Michigan-sourced ingredients. Jennie and Lauren have selected the perfect chocolates to pair with five of Bløm's session meads or ciders. They will guide you through tasting each pair in addition to sharing their stories and tidbits about the delicious offerings.

Zoom Link + Tasting Kit for 2 $55.00     Additional Tasting Kit for 2 $40.00     Ann Arbor Delivery $6.00    

Balsamic Vinegar Tasting with Vecchia Dispensa

Date: Saturday, January 16, 2021; Time: 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm. Virtual via Zoom, Link will be sent after registration. We're excited to welcome Simone Tintori of Vecchia Dispensa to our virtual tasting room for this balsamic vinegar tasting. Simone will be joined by the effervescent Kristie Brablec, managing partner of Zingerman's Food Tours and owner of Ground Control Wines, for this evening of learning and conversation. Vecchia Dispensa is the maker of our beloved line of balsamic vinegars–staples at the Delicatessen for many years. Simone and Kristie will talk about Zingerman's relationship with Vecchia Dispensa, the history of the company, and a "day in the life" of a Balsamic Vinegar Master. You will also taste your way through 4 different balsamic vinegars. And hear our favorite tips and tricks for enjoying balsamic vinegar at home.

Zoom Link ONLY $15.00     Zoom Link + Tasting Kit $45.00     Additional Tasting Kit(s) $30.00     Ann Arbor Delivery $6.00     2-Day Shipping $21.00    

Olio Novello Tasting with Grace

Date: Thursday, January 21, 2021; Time: 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm. Olio Novello (or Nuovo) is Italian for "new oil" and is the name given to early harvest extra virgin olive oil that is freshly pressed from green olives. It is a celebration of the beginning of the olive harvest season, which typically starts in December each year. We have new harvests of Italian, Greek, French, and Spanish olive oils. At this virtual tasting, Deli Managing Partner Grace Singleton will guide you through tasting these special oils and share the stories behind the folks who produce them. Chef Wallo has been inspired by the olio novello, and will have a couple special dishes that you will taste at this event that are enhanced by these oils. These oils are only released once a year, so don't miss your chance to enjoy them at the peak of freshness!

Zoom Link + Tasting Kit $20.00     Additional Tasting Kit(s) $15.00     Ann Arbor Delivery $6.00     Overnight Shipping $34.00    

Cooking with Curry: A Cooking Class with Rodger

Date: Friday, January 22, 2021; 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm. Chef and managing partner of Zingerman's Delicatessen, Rodger Bowser, is crazy for curry, especially the spice blends we have on our shelves at the Deli. Rodger not only leads the kitchen at Zingerman's Deli, but he also occasionally cooks for his family of 4, so knows well the conundrum of figuring out what to make for a weeknight dinner. In this virtual cooking class, Rodger will share his passion for curry, share recipes and tips about how to cook with them, and inspire you with some new ideas for dinner! Rodger will answer questions via the chat feature with the help of a moderator throughout the class. This is not a cook along and there will be no tasting kit along with this event–that means that you can be anywhere in the country and participate in the event. Maybe tune in with your bestie from Boulder, your auntie from Anchorage, or your sister from Seattle?!

Zoom Link $15.00    

Tea 101: A Virtual Tasting & Learning Experience

Date: Sunday, January 24, 2021; Time: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm. Tea 101 is a virtual tasting and learning experience where you get to stay home and join us virtually as we explore the world's most popular beverage: tea! Awaken a new enthusiasm for an ancient food tradition while enriching your knowledge of Zingerman's co-founder Ari Weinzweig's favorite "affordable luxury." Jackson, our tea buyer and host of our monthly STEEP tea events will take you on a flavorful journey through seven distinctive varieties while discussing the history, cultivation, and intricate craft of tea making. You will taste 2 examples of each variety for a total of 14 teas!

Zoom Link + Tasting Kit $35.00     Ann Arbor Delivery $6.00     2 Day Shipping $21.00     Additional Tasting Kit(s) $20.00    

Cheese Room Sessions : An Evening of Swiss Bliss with Gourmino

Date: Thursday, January 28, 2021; Time: 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm. Cheese Room Sessions is a virtual event series of conversations hosted by Deli cheesemonger Sean Hartwig, with special guest cheese makers and professionals who will talk about their delicious creations and ramble about life in the dairy business. In this debut session, Sean will be joined by Joe Salonia, US sales director for Gourmino, a cheesemaker that celebrates handcrafted Swiss cheeses made in small village and mountain dairies with traditional century old techniques. We'll go beyond fondue this evening as we taste and explore Swiss cheese production, selection, aging and expert exportation. Learn about Joe's roots in specialty food, the advent of his current role with Gourmino, the history of Swiss cheese export and a get a glimpse into the potential for really good Swiss cheese access in the years to come.

Zoom Link + Tasting Kit $45.00     Zoom Link ONLY $15.00     Ann Arbor Delivery $6.00     2 Day Shipping $21.00    

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