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The Deli dry goods selection is full of the best ingredients we could find from around the globe: single estate olive oils, aged kinds of vinegar, small batch preserves made with real fruit, exotic and hard-to-find spices from the source, vintage tinned fish, the very best honey and everything you’d need to make an outstanding pasta. Traditional and full-of-flavor are the criteria that we use when we search for new foods to stock our shelves with. Stock your pantry the next time you visit, and you’ll surely taste the difference in the next meal you prepare.

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La Vecchia Dispensa’s Balsamic Vinegar »

Val Neff-Rasmussen talks about this fantastic balsamic vinegar in this excerpt from The Feed, a blog by Zingerman’s Mail Order Balsamic has been made for family use for hundreds of years. The balsamic we get from La Vecchia Dispensa is made by the Tintori family. When I visited, Simone Tintori showed me around the acetaia—the […]

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Onsa’s Olive Oil from Tunisia »

Excerpt from Zingerman’s Community of Businesses Blog With Love (and Flavor) Literally, I could put every single thing the Mahjoub family makes on this list of great tasting foods—the exceptional harissa, the hand-rolled, sun-dried couscous, pickled lemons, naturally cured olives. Here, though, I’m writing about a special, newly arrived Onsa’s Olive Oil bottled especially for […]

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Fiore del Sale by Vincenzo Gucciardo »

Excerpt from Ari’s Top 5 enews “Salt Flowers” from the Sicilian Seaside When summer salad season kicks in, it’s easy for me to get excited about all the amazing produce fresh in season. Beautiful lettuces, red and white radishes, arugula adding a bit of great vinegar and a fine olive oil are—almost—all you need to […]

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Our Favorite Producers

Rustichella d'Abruzzo

With Nicolina Sergiacomo Peduzzi at the helm, this Italian pasta is still made in small batches using the finest durum wheat semolina flour, the way her father began in 1924. It’s rustic, chewy texture imparts a delectable flavor and holds sauce beautifully.

Masters of the Mediterranean
Forever Cheese searches out the highest quality, most unique and genuine products from Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Croatia. You’ll find their products throughout the Deli, from staples such as Parmigiano Reggiano to intensely flavorful rarities like Dehesa Cordobesa® Iberico charcuterie. Don’t miss the Mitica® Marcona Almonds–naturally sweeter than American almonds, the Spaniards kick up the flavor by lightly frying them in olive oil and then sprinkling with sea salt. The salty/sweet combination is incredibly addictive!

Masters of vegetable fermentation, led by David Klingenberger in Ann Arbor, Michigan, The Brinery makes all natural brine-fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut, kimchi, hot sauce and pickles.

American Spoon

Handcrafted preserves made in Petoskey, Michigan. Cooked in small copper kettle batches, capturing the flavor of ripe summer fruit in every jar. Delicious flavors made especially for us include Black & Blueberry and Cherry Berry.