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The Deli dry goods selection is full of the best ingredients we could find from around the globe: single estate olive oils, aged kinds of vinegar, small batch preserves made with real fruit, exotic and hard-to-find spices from the source, vintage tinned fish, the very best honey and everything you’d need to make an outstanding pasta. Traditional and full-of-flavor are the criteria that we use when we search for new foods to stock our shelves with. Stock your pantry the next time you visit, and you’ll surely taste the difference in the next meal you prepare.

Products We're Featuring

Épices de Cru Curries on Sale:

  • Black Curry
  • Chettinad Curry
  • Curry Imperial Kashmiri
  • Gulai Curry
  • Red Curry
  • Singapore Curry
  • Trinidad Curry
  • White Curry

Meet The Balsamics Why We Love Them
Vecchia 3 year THIS IS THE BIG ONE! Youngest of all our balsamics but just as sweet and bright. It’s also our most economical bottle 1 liter in size makes it perfect for a big family or someone that uses a lot of balsamic vinegar. Retail staffer, Wendy, shares this with friends and keeps her bottle of 20 year aged for herself.
Vecchia 6 year BEST BUY BALSAMIC VINEGAR. Made just for us by the same folks that make the 8 and 10 year balsamic. This is the best entry point to the world of better-than-basic-balsamic we’ve found. Ideal for everyday salad eating and any dish that could benefit from a splash of bright sweetness.
Vecchia 8 year A GREAT EVERYDAY VINEGAR. This 8 year aged balsamic is many of our customers’ favorite everyday vinegar. It’s affordable and strikes an elegant balance—lush with a patient fruitiness and just a touch of the barrel’s aging beginning to show.
Vecchia Organic A younger balsamic made from organically raised grapes. As elegant as the bottle it comes in & perfect for everyday use. Makes a fantastic gift.
Vecchia 10 year OUR MOST POPULAR BALSAMIC VINEGAR. A staff and customer favorite, this 10 year aged balsamic is the most intensely flavored balsamic of its age we’ve ever tried. Its complexity, with rich flavors of oak, blackberry and dark fruit, is partly due to aging in very small batches that allows more evaporation and contact with the barrel. Although aged for only 25 percent longer than the 8 year balsamic, the intensity of flavor is almost double.
Vecchia 16 year BEAUTIFULLY BALANCED. Truly something special, this one is blended to capture the woody, earthy intensity of our 10 year aged balsamic and rounded out with a dose of lush sweetness, the kind you’ll find in older bottles. This one is 16 years old, ready for the Debutante ball.
Vecchia 20 year Aged solely in oak barrels. Complex and elegant.
Vecchia 30th anniversary With much of the flavor of tradizionale balsamic. Thick and decadent!
Agrodolce White Balsamic 250ml & 500ml One of the best white wine vinegars we’ve ever tasted! From Sante Bertoni – mad scientist and master vinegar maker – this is his quest to find the perfect balance between sweet and sour. Well, we think he found it, with pretty floral notes to boot. Taste some. Straight up. Really.

Try Our Balsamic Vinaigrette on the #600 made with La Vecchia’s 6 year

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Our Favorite Producers

Rustichella d'Abruzzo

With Nicolina Sergiacomo Peduzzi at the helm, this Italian pasta is still made in small batches using the finest durum wheat semolina flour, the way her father began in 1924. It’s rustic, chewy texture imparts a delectable flavor and holds sauce beautifully.

Masters of the Mediterranean
Forever Cheese searches out the highest quality, most unique and genuine products from Italy, Spain, Portugal and Croatia. You’ll find their products throughout the Deli, from staples such as salty, sweet Mitica® Marcona Almonds to intensely flavorful rarities like Dehesa Cordobesa® Iberico charcuterie.

Masters of vegetable fermentation, led by David Klingenberger in Ann Arbor, Michigan, The Brinery makes all natural brine-fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut, kimchi, hot sauce and pickles.

American Spoon

Handcrafted preserves made in Petoskey, Michigan. Cooked in small copper kettle batches, capturing the flavor of ripe summer fruit in every jar. Delicious flavors made especially for us include Black & Blueberry and Cherry Berry.