The Deli Dish

  • Deli Pot Pies: The 6 Flavor Line-up

    Try all six delicious flavors of our Deli Pot Pies! Winter brings shorter days and cooler temperatures, and also Pot Pies at Zingerman’s Deli!  the Deli’s pot pies are handmade … Continued

  • Winter Savings with Zingerman’s Catering

    Our Catering team at Zingerman’s Delicatessen is excited to bring you two fantastic offers this winter. Whatever the special occasion we’ll make sure the food is looking and tasting its … Continued

  • What is Zingerman’s anyway?

    The History of Zingerman’s Delicatessen and the Zingerman’s Community of Businesses by Ari Weinzweig, co-founder Zingerman’s It started with a small deli but it has obviously grown way beyond that. … Continued

  • Zingerman's Illustration of three blue sardines

    Things You Never Knew About Sardines

    Everybody knows something about these delicious little fish, but we’re confident that we’ve got plenty of new info on sardines in here for you.

  • The Surprisingly Rich History of Sardines

    Sardines are as rich in history as they are in flavor. Read on to learn about how these little fish have reached great popularity and accessibility throughout the world.

  • Balsamic Vinegar: A Buying Guide

    Ever wandered around the Deli and wondered what food could possibly be so valuable that it would be locked inside that little glassed off section of shelving near the olive … Continued

  • Latkes–Golden Fried Potato Pancakes

    Crispy potato latkes for Hanukkah, or to satisfy your next potato pancake craving! Learn about the history of latkes and those we make at the Deli.

  • a photo of 3 spanish cheeses, a jar of honey, some tortas, a bottle of wine and olive oil and 2 spanish flags

    3 Tips for a Perfect Spanish Cheese Board

    We are super glad to see the internet’s recent excitement around building fabulous cheese and charcuterie boards. For years, we’ve been advocates of this delicious and artful way to enjoy … Continued

  • LEED Certification

    The U.S. Green Building Council awarded Zingerman’s Delicatessen Gold Level LEED Certification for their multi-year expansion project in 2014. Taking a giant step towards fulfilling the sustainability pledge at the … Continued

  • Bike Toolbox

    ZINGERMAN’S LIKES BIKES Ann Arbor is a very bike friendly town. There are bike lanes throughout the city and it’s one of the easiest ways to get around downtown quickly … Continued