Team Building the Zingerman’s Way

Q: What’s way more fun than a trust fall, high ropes course, and escape room combined?

A: Noshing your way through delicious foods!

It’s true, team building doesn’t have to involve activities so awkward they elicit eye-rolls or ones with a risk-level that require signing a waiver. They can be interesting and enjoyable! Switch up the standard and treat your crew to team building the Zingerman’s way. 


Get ready for the most fun you’ve ever had learning something new. Our in-house product experts will delight you with facts and stories; your team will walk away with newfound knowledge and happy bellies. Event lengths vary and can include plenty of time for questions and conversation. Here are a few of our favorite event themes:

Deli Counter Delights 

Taste your way through some of the classics of our Deli cheese and/or meat offerings plus our favorite accompaniments! 

Perfect Pairings

We pair up some of our favorite ingredients (like chocolate and tea!) and explore what works well together and why. 

101 Classes

Take a deep dive into the history and variety of one single topic. Cheese, vinegar, olive oil–you’ll become an expert! 

Want to take your seafood-loving squad off the deep end with tinned fish? Celebrate with your creative crew over a custom mocktail mixology session? Let’s talk! We’re ready to customize to create an event that’s just right for your group. With the entire Deli at your disposal, there are nearly endless options for tastings and we can easily accommodate food allergies. And the noshing needn’t be limited to the theme. For instance, if you want to treat your team to a 101 class on tea, you might want some sustenance to accompany it—we can provide anything from snacks to sandwiches to full-blown meals.

I hope you don’t get tired of hearing how great your team is.  We had our third event last Tuesday with Tessie, featuring balsamic vinegar. Several of my team members told me this was the best one yet.  Tessie did an excellent job of providing the true experience that we are trying to create with these events—she shared the history of the product, its source, the family who produces it, she shared slides of the family estate, the attic where the family product is stored… Tessie knows this product very well and while she taught us about the culture surrounding the product, she also brought us great joy in both learning about balsamic vinegar and of course by tasting it.  —Bill C.


We have a variety of spaces to meet your team’s needs—at the Deli; Greyline, our downtown  event space; your office; or virtual. So whether your team members are all in the area or spread out in multiple locations, we can host an event that will provide the connection you’ve all been longing for. If you opt for a virtual event, we can ship the treats (or supplies for a hands-on cooking class!) anywhere in the U.S.—we’ll make sure they’ll arrive well before we gather with you online.

Outstanding blend of history, geography, cooking tips, and details on the families and how they create the special ingredients! Got my box the day prior, all of the samples were fresh and carefully packed. Really enjoyed hearing your thoughts on the foods, families, and how all of the ZCoB businesses connect. Thank you and the entire team for putting together a fun, interesting, and educational event! —Mike B.

Flexible Pricing

We will work with you to tailor the event to your budget! That said, all our private events have a minimum cost of $300. Pricing includes staff time and food and generally starts around $30-40/person but will vary based on the type of products and number of foods being tasted. Offsite events in the Ann Arbor or metro Detroit area will include a staffing charge of $100 per staff member, most events will require 2 or 3 staff members.

Thank you and your team so much for helping us create a fantastic event for our program. The service, space, and food were all amazing! I have nothing but positive feedback from us. —Lawryn F.

Ready for a fun and memorable team building experience? Contact us to start planning your event today!